Date: 14th November 2019 at 10:00am
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Journalist has revealed that West Ham  co-owner David ’s valuation of the club is putting off a potential takeover.

There is constantly takeover rumours swirling around . However, Inkersole doesn’t believe one will come to fruition until Sullivan changes his price tag.

“The duo won’t be selling any time soon and I think Sullivan’s £600m valuation, without even owning their home stadium, is plenty to put enough potential suitors to take over off,” he wrote during a Football London Q & A [15:01].

“They will never spend beyond their means so while the club has shelled out £150m in the last two windows, they have also sold players to make up for that. I still believe they have good intentions but breaking into the top five or six on a regular basis is going to be a tall order unless they commit a lot more cash to the project.”


This is a pretty accurate summation of the situation at West Ham by Inkersole. The club are stuck in no-mans land under Sullivan and David Gold, not receiving enough investment to truly move forward despite seeming to have aspirations of being a ‘big club’. Sullivan and Gold want West Ham to become a big club without having to provide the investment necessary to get the team there. That’s the reality of the situation. So, while some people will point to the £150million spent over the last two summer transfer windows, that is negated by plenty of outgoings to raise cash and reduce the wage bill. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it’s certainly no crime, but it’s not going to get the Hammers where they want to go in terms of their place in . However, it also seems like there’s not going to be a takeover in the club’s future, because Sullivan has such a high valuation. How can he value the club at £600million when he and Gold don’t even own the stadium? It’s bizarre, and it’s likely going to result in the Irons being stuck in mediocrity.