Whelan: Gold playing mind games with Everton


Noel Whelan has suggested that West Ham owner David is playing “mind games” with Everton midfielder Andre Gomes. 

The chairman suggested in an interview with Claret & Hugh earlier in the week that the Portuguese could need a few more games to get up to speed after only making a brief cameo aginast following a three game absence.

And speaking to Football Insider, BBC Radio Leeds pundit Whelan suggested that knew exactly what he was doing with the comments.

He said: “He’s never been shy to come out and give a statement, has he?

“He obviously recognises Everton have a very good player with Gomes and maybe it’s a few mind games there, trying to say you left him on the bench maybe he needs a few more games.

“In a way, it’s a compliment to Everton as he obviously doesn’t want him to play as they know how important he is to Everton.”


Whelan might have a point here, but there’s also every chance that has simply made a comment in passing that has then been blown up a little. That being said, it does feel as if there is a special level of significance involved because it Gomes he’s talking about. The made it fairly clear that they wanted the Portuguese midfielder last summer, and even bid £20 million for him, according to the Guardian. Gomes chose Everton, of course, but you can’t help wondering whether is trying to get inside the head of the player who rejected his advances. Whatever the case, Gomes has struggled to hit peak so far this term, and has a Whoscored rating of just 6.47 to his name. You can’t imagine that is too worried about a player on that kind of run.

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