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Bent raves about Wilshere

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Darren Bent heaped praise on West Ham midfielder Jack Wilshere and shared his only concern about the 27-year-old was his injury record.

The Sky Sports pundit raved about the midfielder’s ability to go past people, despite not being lightning quick, and pointed out he was a strong player due to his low centre of gravity.

Bent admitted that he rates Wilshere so highly that he believes if it wasn’t for injuries, then Wilshere would be a regular for Gareth Southgate’s England right now.

“I’ve got the utmost confidence in Jack, I’ve known Jack for a long time now and I believe if he hadn’t had injuries he’d be an England regular right now,” said Bent in an interview with Football Insider.

“He’s a midfielder that can get on the ball, go past people, he’s got that change of pace where he’s not electric fast but he’s got that speed to get away from people. He’s strong, got that low centre of gravity.

“The only thing that’s hindered him is injuries. His performances, ability on the ball and technique, it’s perfect. I rate him so highly if he can stay fit.”


Bent is clearly a prominent member of Wilshere’s fan club and based on his remarks it’s easy to see why. The pundit clearly admires Wilshere’s technical ability and loves the fact he can go past players without having electric pace to aid him. While Bent’s remarks have to be taken with a pinch of salt, he shares how he has known Wilshere for a while so is likely a little bias, hopefully, the Hammers midfielder hears these remarks as it may boost his confidence. Wilshere needs a confidence boost as his 2019/20 season hasn’t got off to the ideal start. For example, the 27-year-old struggled in the 5-0 loss to Man City last weekend, he managed only 34 passes and one tackle before being subbed (Source: Premier League) and looked a shadow of the player he appeared to be in pre-season. While first and foremost you worry about Wilshere staying fit, it’s no good him being 100%, if he can’t deliver performances worthy of his ability.

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