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Noble keen on being Prime Minister

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has delivered a cheeky two-word message on his hopes of becoming Prime Minister. 

In a bizarre story, the hashtag “ for Prime Minister started trending on Twitter on Friday evening.

And it would appear that the captain is fairly keen on taking the keys to Number 10 Street.

Posting on his personal account on Saturday morning, he said: “Why not?”.

If we’re being honest, Mark  couldn’t do a worse job in power than the motley crew of charlatans we’ve been lumbered with at the moment. At the very least, the skipper is fiercely loyal, tells it like it is, and loves nothing more than breaking up nonsense and rebuilding things. Certainly, the sooner he is back for the Hammers, the better. The Irons really missed their captain last weekend against Manchester City, and without him, Declan Rice was forced to do the defensive work of two men. Jack Wilshere, for all of his talents, is not a defensively minded midfielder, and the fact that he only managed one tackle all match against  speaks volumes, as per Whoscored.  wouldn’t necessarily have won his side the game, but he might have stopped it being such a whitewash.

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