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West Ham fans react to Sullivan snap

Image for West Ham fans react to Sullivan snap


West Ham co-owner David visited on Thursday and posed for a picture with Manuel Pellegrini, and Pablo Fornals. The senior Hammers figure’s snap with some of the club’s summer signings, which was uploaded to Instagram by his son Jack Sullivan, didn’t exactly see him showered in praise. Some mocked for looking notably shorter than everyone else in the picture, while others just thought the picture was “cringey”. One Hammers supporter questioned why Sullivan felt the need to do such a picture as you never see other chairmen of other clubs pose for pictures like they’re a fan. However, it did seem quite a harsh reaction by a section of the Hammers fanbase as it wasn’t embarrassing like some thought. Surely it’s better that a chairman is involved and invested in the club they own, rather than have one who takes a back seat and is never seen? You have to wonder if Sullivan suddenly sanctions the purchase of several other players this summer, whether the below would start being nice to him.


Forever West Ham has rounded up some of the best tweets below:

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