West Ham fans getting mixed messages about Obiang

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markets aren’t exactly a time for transparency. There are so many conflicting reports flying about that it can be difficult for supporters to keep their head above water.

Currently, United’s fans are getting serious mixed messages about a player in who was thought to be definitely leaving the club for Italian side Sassuolo in the coming days.

The Evening Standard reported on Monday that the 27-year-old will be sold to the Serie A outfit imminently. However, Spanish outlet El Des Marque claimed on Tuesday that La Liga team Celta Vigo are interested in the midfielder and are looking to hijack Sassuolo’s deal.

So is he definitely about to return to with Sassuolo, or is there a chance Celta can jump in and a steal him from under the Serie A side’s nose?

You wouldn’t have thought, after the protracted – and failed – negotiations between and Celta over Maxi Gomez earlier this summer, that would be in any rush to do them a favour.

But, we’ve gone from Obiang to Sassuolo being a done deal to there being serious doubt about another team jumping in and stealing him away.

That’s the summer for you, it’s an absolute madhouse. The choice over where Obiang ends up will probably ultimately lie with the Equatorial Guinea international, but it’s strange how a seemingly done deal can be thrown into doubt all of a sudden.

So, yes, faithful are receiving serious conflicting signals, here, from the various members of the media. All they can hope for, then, is that something definitive comes out soon.

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