Arnautovic doesn’t want to miss out on West Ham bonuses or face fine

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West Ham forward Marko Arnautovic will lose out on some of his contractual bonuses if he hands in a transfer request and faces a £250,000 fine should he breach certain terms, according to Claret and Hugh.

The West Ham news outlet claim that the reason the Austrian’s brother Danijel, who is also his representative, has been so vocal over a potential move away from east London both in January and this summer is to give Marko plausible deniability over his comments.

The striker’s agent and family member was quoted by the Guardian as saying: “He’s a highly talented footballer who is simply being used by West Ham. He’s just a number to them. West Ham were trying to get rid of Marko right up until the last minute of the January transfer window and they are still trying to sell him right now.”

It is stated that were the Irons hitman to speak out in a similar fashion he could be slapped with a quarter of a million pound fine, the same punishment which could be handed out if he turns up late for training or brings the club into disrepute.


If the West Ham faithful thought this saga was over and done with from January, they need to think again. Once again Arnautovic’s brother has reared his head to try and stir up a move for his brother but this report suggests that it might well be the Austrian using his family member as a mouthpiece for what he really wants. It seems financial gain is at the forefront of his mind and that he is not going to let any money he feels he is worth, be that from his current contract at West Ham or where he ends up after east London, slips through his grasp. Of course the club themselves will be wanting him to table a transfer request if he does want to go in order to avoid handing him the bonuses and add-ons in his contract. The whole situation is toxic and the sooner it gets sorted out, either by selling Arnautovic or telling him he is going nowhere, the better.

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