Pellegrini wants Lanzini and Fornals

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Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of a transfer. 

When a player rolls through the gates of the training ground in a multi-million pound deal it can be very tempting to just lose your head and worry about the logistics later.

But at some point, somewhere down the line, certain signings require certain questions to be answered.

Take Pablo Fornals’ transfer to West Ham.

The Spaniard is a young, exciting talent with huge potential and the capability to kick on and become a key player for the Hammers.

But where will he play?

Manuel Pellegrini already has Manuel Lanzini, and arguably even Jack Wilshere, in that central position behind the striker, and it’s hard to see how the Chilean will fit both the Spaniard and probably the Argentine into his starting eleven.

But that’s exactly what he plans to do, according to Football.London. 

A report from the outlet suggests that Pellegrini aims to get both Lanzini and his new teammate in the side.

How he does it remains to be seen, and you have to wonder whether it will be at the expense of a holding midfielder like Mark Noble, but from Lansing’s point of view, this is great news.

The £70,000-a-week playmaker [Spotrac] will no doubt have been worried when he saw Fornals arrive at the club, but after reading this latest report, he can surely breathe easy.

As for somebody else in that midfield, they might not be so lucky.

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