Harewood: Carroll is still a top-class player


Marlon Harewood believes that West Ham United striker Andy Carroll is still a “top-class” player.

He says that the 30-year-old is still a forward who can pose many problems for any defender, and that he is able to come back from the bad luck that he has suffered during his spell with the Hammers.

Harewood also raved about the barely-seen player’s ability to head the ball is one of the best in the Premier League.

“Andy can give any defender problems, and I loved playing with him and feeding off him. We formed a really good partnership. He’s since had rotten luck with injuries but Andy is still a top-class player,” he told Sky Sports.

“He is one of the best headers of a ball in the Premier League but the key is getting him fit and back on the pitch.

“The setbacks must be really hard for him but that’s football. I hope he bounces back and has a really good year to silence some of his critics.”


Carroll has suffered with injury for pretty much his whole spell with the Hammers, meaning that he has not been able to unleash his true potential as a striker. During his time with his previous clubs, he has shown that he can be a threat up front – when he is fit. Like Harewood pointed out, he can cause defenders real problems when he is on form, and this is largely down to his 6ft 4in [Transfermarkt] frame. It is hard for anyone to beat him in the air, but this season, he has not really had the opportunity to do that seeing as he has only made 14 appearances this term. Harewood said that he wants Carroll to have a good year after the torrid time he has had with West Ham, and after the bad luck that he has had, it would be nice to see him bounce back and show everyone that he can be a good player.

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