Date: 30th November 2018 at 1:14pm
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Former Arsenal defender Lauren reckons that midfielder would be the perfect fit for West Ham United.

The Gunners mainstay’s contract expires at the end of the season and the club have chosen not to renew it, and Lauren believes that the top-six dazzler should remain somewhere in London, believing West Ham is just the place.

He says that somewhere like the Irons would “fit” him due to the fact that it would give Ramsey the leadership skills he wants.

“If you don’t have the first-team shirt you have to go elsewhere. If I was him I would stay in London because he knows the city,” he said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“Somewhere like West Ham would fit him. It would give him the leadership he needs and he is based in London so I think he has to stay at a London club.”


What a coup this would be if West Ham were able to acquire the services of such an established individual. The way that Ramsey has been treated at Arsenal is rather unfair, but to be honest, this is something that should take advantage of. Yes, Bayern Munich want the Welshman, but they have in the edge in the fact that they are based in London. Ramsey will no doubt be considering moving to such a successful club, but there will be a part of him who wants to continue playing in the League. Seeming as West Ham’s midfield is looking awfully short on numbers at the moment, a move to East London makes complete sense, as it would allow him to continue playing in the league that helped him make his name. Irons’ supporters will certainly be enamoured by the fact that they have been linked to Ramsey, as he could just be the player needed to complete their midfield.