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Arnautovic needs more training

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Former West Ham player shared that he thought Hammers attacker Marko Arnautovic needed more training in order to rediscover his best form.

Gale, who is regularly seen of Sports’ Daily Show, compared Arnautovic’s build to current D.C United forward Wayne Rooney’s physique and claimed the Hammers star man needed to be training regularly to be at his sharpish.

The Sports pundit shared that he didn’t fear Arnautovic becoming burnt out, he worried that due to the player potentially carrying an injury and being rested in training, that he wasn’t getting enough currently.

“I’ll don’t think he will burn out, he could aggravate the injury but they manage injuries now in mid-week, training schedules,” stated Gale on LOVESPORT Radio’s West Ham Fan show, in a clip uploaded to the broadcaster’s social media.

“They’ll monitor that and they’ll know how far he can go before it becomes a proper injury but the burnout thing, no, as what they’ doing is giving him a lot of rest in mid-week.

“What he really needs probably is a lot more training to sharpen up that’s the thing, as players like him, if you have a look at his physique, I would say he’s sort of built like a Rooney.

“So the more than train, the more they play, the better they are.

“And they have to keep it constant, I think rather than the burnout, he’s not getting enough at the moment in terms of training.”

Not really sure where Gale’s Rooney comparison has come from as Arnautovic and the former Manchester United forward seem to have dramatically different physiques. However the pundit may still be right that the Hammers attacker would benefit from more training and regularly kicking the ball in mid-week, when it comes to him being able to showcase his best form on matchdays. Arnautovic is a key player for the Hammers and while he has impressively grabbed four goals in eight league appearances so far, there may be some concerned that he hasn’t scored in either of his last two outings. This is crazy that there would be a concern about his form after just two games, but as no other player has stepped up to score instead of him then of course people will worry. shared in an interview with the London Evening Standard recently that the club were constantly talking to the Hammers forward to make sure he is fit, and clearly the manager is making sure to protect his star man at all costs. However it seems Gale thinks the Hammers’ coaching staff may be going the wrong way about it.

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