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West Ham have more to play for than most



If West Ham fail to beat Everton on the last day of the Premier League season it could see the club miss out on £14million that would come in very handy during the summer.

Sky Sports revealed that the Hammers have a league-high £14million riding on the final day result as they could finish as high as tenth but also end up as low as 17th.

David Moyes’ side would get a £22million prize pot for finishing tenth in the league and only get a measly £8million if they finish in 17th place.

Given how the January transfer window went and how the Hammers didn’t go crazy with the amount of money they spent last summer in the transfer market, how much money they pick up from their league finish could be key.

Co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan would be more than happy to spend funds in the transfer market that came directly from how much is recuperated from their league finish this season.

While finishing 10th wouldn’t hand the Hammers enough money to completely make up its transfer budget, as it wouldn’t be enough for the club to spend £22million on their underachieving depleted squad in the summer, it’s a good start.

The club could easily pick up a player worthy of improving their squad tremendously for £22million, which means a signing could be made before Gold or Sullivan have to raid the club’s piggy bank.

While a win doesn’t guarantee Moyes’ side a tenth-placed finish, as other results have to go in their favour, anything less could see the club’s potential summer transfer budget take a substantial hit.

For instance if the club only racked up £8million, to put that in hindsight, that wouldn’t even get you one Jordan Hugill.

The Hammers paid £10million, according to the BBC, for the centre-forward who has been deemed only good enough to make three brief Premier League appearances.

This type of player, while a necessary body to make up numbers, won’t help the Hammers move away from being relegation battlers this season to competing for a top-10 finish next season.

Therefore the Hammers must achieve victory over the Toffees to give them the best chance of securing that £22million prize pot,as given the figures quoted in Sky Sport’s report, it confirms Sunday’s result could make or break the club’s summer.

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