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Work begins on 200k London Stadium revamp

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Work has begun on a £200,000 revamp of after the World Athletic’s Championships came to an end last week.

The venue played host to the prestigious event for much of last month, but now needs to be reversed to it’s original state in time for West Ham’s first home game of the season.

welcome on September 11th to the Stadium, however under the stadium must be fit for use by August 25th.

Slaven Bilic’s side play on the 26th, however will travel away to St James’ Park due to the tight turn around.

The 200k being spent will be used to return to 60,000 retractable seats to their original positions, as well as on new astroturf around the running track and dugout area, which will change colour from green to claret over the next fortnight.

A spokesman for E20 Stadium said: “All four of the stadium’s stands are scheduled to be in their football positions by the 25 August. The stadium will be ready for West Ham’s first home match on 11 September 2017.

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