Where to start?

We’ll begin with pre-season. For Robert Snodgrass – the man West Ham signed for £10 million in from struggling – it has been, well, awful. Hell I’ll even go as far to say it has been a total disaster.

While it is only pre-season, and it’s difficult to judge any team or player on their performances throughout the summer, such have been the ’s, it is difficult not to.

Sloppy on the ball, a lack of judgement and direction when passing, and a sheer lack of confidence have been Snodgrass’ downfall during pre-season, much as those attributes were in the latter half of the season with .

Some may believe that the midfielder, who is clearly talented if you look at his time with both Hull and City, should be given till Christmas to sort his act out. Some however, believe that time has come and gone and he should be sold this summer.

Either way you look at it, West Ham need a replacement for the time being, either to help the Scot buck up his ideas or as simple replacement should he leave the club. Here are three men we think could be the perfect fit …