Sometimes, you let the good ones go without realising.

That, however much it sounds like it, isn’t meant in a Dear John, chick flick, stereotypical summer romance kind of fashion. I am really talking about football players.

West Ham have done it over the years on many occasions: let a player go before his time at the club was up.

was one example. A boy wonder at Park who was sold to far too readily than he perhaps should have been. was another sold prematurely when the club should have done more to keep hold of him.

The list goes on, and sometimes those let go aren’t those who have performed for the club, but instead those who have struggled to get going, only for them inevitably to find their feet at wherever their next destination may lie.

The Hammers still have to do in this window, and with it, they could like to some of their former own to complete what would be a good summer all round …