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Relax Hammers fans, the transfer window has just begun


Relax. Sit back. Unwind. Loosen up. Be at leisure. Take one’s ease.

Many West Ham fans are growing impatient at the club’s thus far lack of transfer activity this summer. The only new boy on the block, Pablo Zabaleta, has yet to have further fresh faces join him at the London Stadium, yet a total of eight players have left, either permanently or on-loan.

Time to panic. Gold and Sullivan out!

Not quite.

Happy Independence Day, America! It is of course, July 4th, and while that should be an important day in the diary for all statesiders, it should be, for now anyway, just as so for West Ham fans worrying about transfers.

I’ll say it again. It is JULY 4th. The transfer window opened three days ago. A lack of activity thus far should not be worrying, but instead encouraging.

The way I see it, the club have made one extremely solid addition in the form of Pablo Zabaleta, and are now taking their time to assess their options and buy carefully, instead of splashing cash on unproven overseas players as we have done in previous years.

Rumours are aplenty of players allegedly coming to East London this summer. Ignore them. Rumours and rumours, and nothing more, especially in today’s journalistic market where plucking ‘Player X to West Ham’ out of thin air sells.

The club will do their business, and they will do it in due time. Due time is not three days.

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