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Why all West Ham fans have the right to feel excited by the silly season

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It’s the transfer window and I’m twelve again. Every year I swear that I’ll wait for official confirmation (or at the very least a tweet by Ex) before I get excited about a new signing rumour – and every year, I never do.

The kid in me somehow manages to simultaneously believe every ridiculous rumour (we’re going to sign Messi?!) and none of them. (we probably won’t sign anyone. At all)



While the adult in me knows this is, of course, completely silly, (COULD HAPPEN THOUGH) (NO IT COULDN’T) this transfer window has given rise to unprecedented hope because we know that

  1. a) the club has more money to spend (Like all premier league clubs, thanks to the lucrative new Sky deal) 


2. b) because the chairmen have said they are going to be spending moderately sized flipping great wodges of cash. 

Now, I don’t know about you, and I know we’ve been disappointed before, but I can’t deny I’m excited at the prospect of West Ham having moderately sized flipping great wodges of cash to spend this summer. Add to that the draw of the Olympic Stadium, a top 7 finish AND European football and West Ham are looking pretty tasty.

Of course, while the kid in me drools over the BIG BIG NAME players, the realist in me knows that we couldn’t afford them (MAYBE THOUGH) (NO!) and the pragmatist in me trusts Slaven Bilic. After all, he’s made some quite brilliant signings already. Like a lot of fans, I’d not really heard of Dimitri Payet before we signed him – and look how he turned out…

and that’s just one…

So I’ll put my trust in Bilic and carry on believing everything and nothing as I always do – and – most importantly – I won’t go to bed.

Come on you Irons!

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