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West Ham are still being over-shadowed by the disaster-craving media

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Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and now Chelsea, four of last year’s top six defeated! Is there anything that this new-look squad can’t do?

Our shaky start to the season, losing to Leicester and Bournemouth, is long forgotten and Slaven Bilic is beginning to engrave his name in the hearts of West Ham fans.

To beat Chelsea means a lot to West Ham fans and it gives us further bragging rights when talking to fans of other clubs.

We are quickly becoming a club capable of beating anyone and many pundits who were cautious of us parting company with Sam Allardyce now appear to be frantically backtracking, praising the board and Slaven Bilic on an excellent start to the season.

I am also very happy to see Andy Carroll back on the score sheet. It is very frustrating to have a player that is injured so often but we have to be patient in the knowledge that he is trying his hardest to get back to his best, and so far so good.

Once again our attackers were refreshing and our defence was solid. We are really beginning to look like a team capable of challenging for a European place.

The main talking point of the game, however, was clearly the complete lack of control shown by the Chelsea players and staff.

They can have no complaints regarding the two bookings for Matic and they need to keep their cool. Mourinho is drawing comparisons to a child that hasn’t had his afternoon nap and we have suffered from this.

We played very well against the Blues and the collapse of Chelsea has taken away from that. It is very disappointing.

Watford away is the next challenge for our boys and then our arch nemeses Everton come to Upton Park. Regardless of these results we are in a very good position and should be pleased with the start we have had!


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  • JB says:

    V Watford, unfortunately the game plan was wrong. It’s the game plan I would have chosen myself, especially as prior to this game Watford had only scored once at home in the Premier League this season as well as only having let in 4 at home, as the manager did indeed get West Ham to hang back and solidify in defense and try and stay tight but that slowly brought Watford out until West Ham had their backs against the wall & 1 silly error from Carroll, who never should have been placed in that position in the first place, where instead of hoofing the loose ball away when it was just outside the 6 yard box & to the goal keeper’s right, no Carroll tried to tackle the ball away, lost it & then it gets passed to Igahalo right in the front middle of the 6 yard box & although Igahalo’s shot was blocked by Cresswell, it deflected in & away from Adrian for a give-away goal.
    No, Watford have no quality, except for Igahalo & in hindsight West Ham should have surged forward at Watford right from the start & overwhelmed them with shots at goal, like they did at Liverpool & due to Watford’s lack of quality West Ham could have bagged lots of goals, no, they kept the noose loose & paid the price for it & in fact let their standard drop down to the standard Watford are at & once that happened, well the cast for the game was set & West Ham ended up having an off day. I can’t blame anyone as Watford’s tactics took the manager, the team & everyone by surprise. West Ham’s squad is choc full of quality & Watford only have 1 star who Collins seems to have injured. No, take this on the chin lads, learn from it and put it down to experience. All I can say now is watch out Everton as games like that at Watford make a team mad!

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