Have his talents been overlooked this season?


Aaron Cresswell has been nothing short of sensational this season. The Metro is reporting that Manchester City are the latest club preparing to make a move for the Hammers’ left-back for as much as £15 million as interest in the defender continues to increase.

Although attention from Manchester City clearly shows that Aaron Cresswell has had a fabulous season; £15 million is still, in my opinion, well wide of the mark. When the left-back arrived from Ipswich Town in the summer for around £3 million, nobody would have envisaged just how well Cresswell would have settled in at a new club in the Premier League. Sure, he got himself into the Championship team of the year last season but we all know the jump from Championship to Premier League football can really separate the men from the boys.

Cresswell really hit the ground running, showing glimpses of his attacking style on the left flank. It was such a breath of fresh air to finally see a player of real quality occupying the left-back position, a place that has really been a problem-area for West Ham for many seasons until now. The 25-year-old has really solidified his place in the starting line-up, performing solidly on a weekly basis. As well as going forward, he has shown that he is more than capable of dealing with some of the best wingers in the league. Even after his awful throw-in led to Hull scoring in a 2-2 draw back in September, Cresswell responded brilliantly and has only improved since then.

One thing the manager (whoever that may be) should not ignore next season is Cresswell’s dead ball ability. He has already shown he is more than capable of scoring from free-kicks after that superb effort against Stoke. However, he should be given the opportunity to take corner kicks more frequently. Mark Noble and Stewart Downing are currently the main corner takers but I’m pretty convinced that they cannot whip a ball in with the same venom and pace that Cresswell can. Time and time again West Ham fans see a ball floating into the arms of the goalkeeper from corner kicks. It’s an area the Hammers should be getting a lot of goals from considering the height and power that exists in the team and Cresswell can certainly provide the right delivery for our players to thrive on.

Hopefully the club keep hold of Cresswell and recent comments from the man himself seem to suggest that he’s committed to the club. The left-back has already become one of the best attacking defenders in the league and I’m still getting over the fact that Danny Rose was picked ahead of him in the last England squad. The former Ipswich man is only going to get better and West Ham can really look forward to next season if both Cresswell and Jenkinson stay at the club.

The defender has been an ever-present for West Ham this season and his valuation should be up there in the Luke Shaw category, not the offensive £15 million that is being quoted at the moment. Although some may call it bias, I firmly believe that Cresswell has been overlooked by England this season just because he is part of a ‘smaller’ club. Despite this, he could very well become the Hammer of the Year and that is no real surprise. Let’s just hope that he stays at the club and continues to bomb down the left wing when West Ham grace the Olympic Stadium in the near future.

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  • Cedrik says:

    Lets hope Cressy stays with us a for a few more seasons yet – if he keeps going like he is then his stock will rise anyway – west ham should stick a 30+ mil price tag on his head if the vultures come for him – the big boys don’t come looking for no reason and why should they benefit at west hams expense, Cressy is better than Rose Shaw and Baines, Hodgeson is a clueless idiot.

  • beckton Geoff says:

    I agree 100% with you cedrik hodgeson and co are clueless idiots, but what I don’t agree with mr matt is my WEST HAM UNITED being called a smaller club there is nothing small about our club lol we are the bom dingee ( keep hearing the street rats saying that I think it means the dog bollocks) of the premier league my friend, we are WEST HAM UNITED !!!!.

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