5 Summer Signings that will see a return to ‘The West Ham way’

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The Sam Allardyce era has come to end and let’s be honest, he has left the club in a much healthier state than he found us in four years ago, when the club was in the Championship.

We have seen the team win promotion, followed by two seasons of consolidation, followed by a flirtation with some of the most entertaining football that we have probably seen since 2005/06, before a desperately disappointing 2015.

I think it’s fair to say that part of the problem for the second half of this season were, injuries to attacking players at various times, which disrupted the free flowing football we were seeing before. We just didn’t have the numbers in the squad to be able to deal with this and fatigue began to set in.

We started to see a return to the ‘West Ham way’ for a few wonderful months but if we are going to see it over the course of the whole of next season and hopefully future coming seasons, we are not only going to need a more cultured and flexible manager, we are going to need to see the addition of more attack minded player to the squad. Preferably one in midfield, one out wide and one up front.

Of course we need players in other areas as well but right now I’m going to take you through five, realistic, exciting attacking options that our new manager could be looking at, to become part of an exciting new future.


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