West Ham have just made their best signing of the season

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Mark NobleNormally West Ham’s signings and contracts seem to be a rather public affair. Much has been made of the negotiations between Sam Allardyce and David Sullivan over the Nene signing, Diafra Sakho asking for (and, most certainly, deserving) a new contract, and Winston Reid’s endless will-he-won’t-he sign a new contract saga (spoiler alert: he won’t.) With that in mind, it was refreshing to see that negotiations quietly and progressively went on behind closed doors in order to extend local boy and vice-captain Mark Noble’s contract with the club.

Noble’s current deal was set to expire this summer, with an option to extend it for two years. Instead of taking up the two year extension, West Ham presented him with a new five and a half year deal which includes a reported £10,000 a week pay rise.

Mark Noble’s new deal will keep him at West Ham United until the summer of 2021. This will see him play for the Hammers until he is 33 – not bad for a boy who joined the club at just 13 years of age!

I’m absolutely thrilled for Mark Noble. It’s so rare in football nowadays to see a genuine affinity and loyalty to one club for the duration of a player’s career. Noble’s first-team debut came when he was just 17 years old, and he marked 300 first time appearances for West Ham in November of last year. Over Noble’s many years of service for West Ham, he’s been a calm, passionate and driving force for the club. His commitment to the Hammers has never been questioned, and many remember him leaving his heart on the pitch when he was in tears after a late Tottenham goal (isn’t it always a late Tottenham goal) saw West Ham lose 4-3 to their local rivals.

On his new contract, rumoured to be worth £50,000 per week, Noble stated that the contract “is great for me and my family, because it gives us security for the rest of our lives.” He continued to say “It’s not about the money, though. I always give 100 per cent in every game I play, even if it’s not enough. As a West Ham fan, I know we’ll lose games like everyone does, but I’m settled, I’m happy and that’s when I play my best football.”

Noble will also reportedly be awarded a testimonial match at Upton Park – a game which may be the Hammers’ final game there before moving to the Olympic Stadium.

It’s good news for West Ham to have the heart of their team commit what is most likely the remainder of his career to the club, and it is inspiring to see him and fellow academy graduate James Tomkins choose to remain at the club that brought them into the professional game.

Are you pleased with Mark Noble’s contract extension? Do you think he’s set to be the club captain heading into our move to the OS? Do let us know below, or tweet me @makingthemarrow

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  • Lotus says:

    Shane he’s crap!

  • Kenny Irons says:

    Sorry, would love to see a local lad make good, but Mark Noble isn’t even premier league standard ! Giving silly contracts like this to decidedly average players doesn’t help the club one bit.
    West Ham need much better calibre players than Mark Noble if they intend to improve !

  • fed up says:

    Love him to bits, great to have in the squad,excellent attitude,100% west ham.
    Unless he can step up to the next level,( which he hasn’t for last few years) we will not progress, still a good squad signing tho, hope you prove me wrong Mark ,I really do.

  • tucker.b says:

    Noble is class and not to forget that Arsenal were sniffing around him not long ago.has been what Song has done in a few games (played well) for years, its that the rest of the team were struggling …. we are lucky to have him. Now let’s get Mr.Wickhem from Sunderland next season , he’ll be our Harry Kane

  • Beckton Geoff says:

    Absolutely delighted for Mr noble I will support him till the end of his contract and even beyond COYI !!!.

  • Sactownhammer says:

    Crazy spending on a average player. As long as WH has players like Noble, And Nolan, we will fight to be a average squad.

  • englandsnumber6 says:

    He is a very average championship rated player, he is the reason we loose games 1 good game in 10 scores 3 goals per season (and hes the pen taker) what are you lot watching every week, so what hes a local boy. 50k a week. you moan about the manager and chairmen but this goes unnoticed. he is absolute dog crap.

    • Johnny Mac says:

      West Ham are so honest that they don’t fall down if they can stay up when fouled in the area, so we hardly ever get awarded penalties, that is why he doesn’t score many. His main job is to create goals, not score them as he mainly unselfishly leaves that to someone he assists. He is not star quality, but no one can argue with the work rate he puts in and that is what any manager would love about him, whereas Winston’s heart just doesn’t seem to be in it for WH anymore, and with Diafra, after the treatment he’s received for his FA cup 4th rd contribution, well it almost seems as though he is afraid to score golas now lest he starts off another storm, the treatment this honest lad received from his own country and football governing bodies was very saddening and even if he never scores another goal for the rest of the season he’d still have my support and team selection until he recovers from what could be emotional stress. Diafra almost became the 1st player in Premier League history to score in 7 consequtive EPL games, and no one scores in 6 straight games if they aint damn good. I do feel for the lads after what they have had to endure for little reward since the turn of the year, don’t worry, they’ll turn it around COYI

  • paul says:

    Nice guy but sorry, he’s not good enough for us if we want to move forward. Loads of effort but just can’t impact a game like he used to. What about Charlton Cole. Transfer refused during window and not even on subs bench Sat. Has been treated disgracefully by the club and allardyce. Hope he gets testimonial game for his loyalty.

  • Ryan lee says:

    Some people on here are you for real! Mark noble plays with he’s heart on he’s sleeve if only every player played like him, he’s like Scott Parker not as good but he is our force in midfield maybe Nolan should take a leaf out of he’s book! Good on yh mark n should defo be out captin for the future.

    • englandsnumber6 says:

      player where you use the term.”heart on his sleeve” mean they try hard but just aint good enough. this applies to Noble, you dont watch him week to week obviously or you would add some credence to your comments. he’s awful cant rap a bag of cement cant pass only goes backwards gives the ball away cant take corners or free kicks, but il tell you what, ” plays with his heart on his sleeve”.. what ever happened to Scott Parker?

  • Harvey says:

    I like Noble as a squad player but he will not be the sort to bring us to the next level. Why does he take all the free kicks and airy fairy corners. Never score from them. He has no pace and just a good honest pro. Every time Puncheon took a corner or free kick we looked in trouble. They had pace and swerve. Would we buy Puncheon, No so why do we have Noble do the same thing but worse.

  • Mt says:

    Open ur eyes he’s worse than Nolan, but gets away with it. He is a liability, im commuted given half the chance.what ,honestly goes through ur when he is standing over a free kick? Eager anticipation? Thought not

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