The six candidates to replace West Ham’s Sam Allardyce


Rafael BenitezRafa Benitez

To be fair, we are certainly not the only club linked with Benitez, but we’ve been thrown in there regardless. Benitez will be out of contract with current club Napoli this summer, and it’s thought he is interested in making a return to the Premier League. Napoli are fourth in the Serie A and still playing in the Europa League, so Benitez could be an ideal candidate for driving West Ham forward – but the Express are reporting he could be in line to take over Manchester City should Pellegrini get the sack. Second place is the first loser, for those of you keeping score.

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  • jaybs says:

    I think Sam himself made his decision around Christmas, since then he seems to have little interest, he did his job git us promoted, just about kept us up last season, but his time is over!

    Perhaps last season was when he should gave left. But unfortunately our owners seemed to bottle it, pre season David Sullivan showed his commitment with some great signings, now we need the manager to take us to the next level, develop young hone grown players once more to restore us once again as The Academy.

  • JOHN TYLER says:

    I think you have forgotten one , the Marseille Manager, Bielsa I think his name is, wasn’t David Sullivan down that way in January, could have already organised it don’t you think.
    Sam is going and a new up and coming Manager will take the helm and guide us to the OS and the promised land of Europe.


  • Ken perry says:

    I think BFS’s selection and formation for the Arsenal game shows his lack of interest in our club and a desire to stick two fingers up to the Dave’s and the fans. Nolan…..really? O’Brien…….really? Where was Nene and Amalfitano? Yes he has had injury issues but that was a chance to bring in one of the youngsters in to play with experienced players. Then there were the substitutions. Noble off and keep Nolan on…..really? You just know that had Cole been fit he would have been brought on and not Nene. I think the club should put Allardice and McDonald on gardening leave and give the job to Sherringham until the end of the season. He will surely not do worse and may even inspire some better performances!

    • Boleyn44 says:

      Read TB recent book. Greenwood set the pattern for wonderful football with M.H.P….and others. Success…a a pass
      Except 3 trips to Wembly over 16 years….not bad a return for
      medium sized club. Greenwoods phantasy remains with many supporters..why God only knows. They have in turn championed a number of managers whose own playing experience covered the wide spectrum of football….blood and guts and high level skill. None were successful …why..lack of money. Managers with the support of open cheque book are almost guaranteed a place in Europe. Listen to the old adage and experience of an old codger who watched Sam Small oh and Len Goulden and be careful what you wish for!!!

  • James says:

    I’m still not convinced Allardyce will definitely be leaving in the summer.

    Don’t be surprised if he signs another 2 year deal. That will see him remain in charge going into the new stadium and G&S may see what shape we’re in then.

    The Chairmen may see it as too much of a risk getting rid of him so close the the OS move. Maybe in two years time we will be a little more established and in a better position to bring in a new manager.

  • richard says:

    Get klop before someone else does don’t keep going the cheap route,and then get rid of the s__t o brien Nolan and Carroll for starters etc,,,,,,,

  • Barry Hayes says:

    I’d like to see Alan Devonshire given a chance with, maybe, Sheringham and Alvin as his assistants.

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