Time for West Ham to clarify his position?


Allardyce joined in the summer of 2011 following our relegation to the Championship. Three-and-a-half-years later, comfortably in the top half of the Premier League and there are question marks over his future. To many from the outside, this may seem very odd. But there are West Ham fans that think this is entirely justified.

The fact is that Sam Allardyce is a man who has often been surrounded in controversy. He is disliked by many in football and had few friends. When he joined West Ham, he promised to play a pleasing style of play and to a lot of fans it would seem this is a promise that he has failed to keep.

There have been periods of negative football, times when fans have been in despair at team line-ups and even Allardyce seemingly refusing to play Mauro Zarate over other players because he was signed by the board and not by himself. But despite all this, the club are in a great position having had a very successful start to the season. So is it really worth the potential turmoil by keeping him?

The rumour over the summer was that the board were split in their opinions of Allardyce and as to whether or not they wanted to keep him for the new campaign. Perhaps their reasoning for signing certain players, without consulting their manager. Regardless of this, Allardyce is still in charge and the club are performing above expectations. I would hope the board either have a replacement in mind already or are planning to offer Sam a new deal in due course.

But whatever the board plans on doing, they need to make sure they do it as soon as they possibly can. Now is not the time to be unsettling the squad over the summer after such a positive season so far and heading closer to the move to the Olympic Stadium. I hope they know what they’re going to do.

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  • peter iron says:

    Sam’s detractors hate the man himself , not what he does .if Pardew or Zola had got the club to where they are now i doubt you would have heard much criticism of them .

  • Robin says:

    Who actually brought our new signings to the club? Rumour has it that Sam did not want Sakho and Valencia was to small.
    I think the team when fit picks itself, Carroll and Nolan on the bench which aint going to happen. Last night he pulled off an under performing Sakho for a not 100% Carroll. I think we need a more rounded manager to take us forward.

  • Johnny Mac says:

    We are busting our guts but just seem not to be able to hold down a top 7 spot, so let’s really bust our guts and win the FA Cup, just in case we don’t win a top 7 finish, as West Ham really do deserve at least Europa League football next season, if not Champions League, and the squad will need further strengthening in depth if we are to play a European game and a Premier League game in the same week next season. Let’s get through this lunch time tie today and let’s win the thing, as Tony Pulis has already said that nothing else matters except his club gaining 14 points from the last 13 games and Premier League survival. He’s already said, forget the rest, and with us just needing 2 more points to reach the magic 40 we can really go for it today because yes, it is starting to look like 7th may become out of reach. Even for clubs like Liverpool and Man Utd, its Premier League points and not the FA Cup they are bothered about, so if we play our cards right, the FA Cup will be ours and Europa league football can be assured, so I am really surprised that this topic about Sam is even being raised, who could even be bothered putting their mind their? COYI

    • Johnny Mac says:

      Well I stand corrected, as that terrible performance against West Brom was about the worst I have seen West Ham play in all my 50 years of supporting them. They just did not turn up for the event. They made West Brom look amazing, who in all reality are a far from amazing team. In fact West Ham started the game in control of the match and was looking set for an easy win. Then came those terrible defensive errors, the first from Arron Cresswell, and the way he let West Brom in for that first goal was absolutely pathetic, he was totally sold as the West Brom player ghosted past him, and with Ideye slipping in to be totally unmarked for a simple tap in it was child’s play on West Ham’s part. Even then, and approaching half time at just 1-0 down, West Ham were in with a chance to go in to the break just 1 down and with some stringent rearranging and pep talks from Sam, could have pulled things around for us, but no, the way Morrison slipped away from Noble for the 2nd goal just before the break, was once again, terrible defending , and I have to say it but I still think Jussi is a better goal keeper than Adrian, after Jussi almost single handedly kept us in the Premier League in 2012-13, yes we had a 10th place finish then, but Jussi saved many, many, points for us and in fact made more saves than any other keeper in the Prem at the time and without his many saves we would not have survived in this league, so when it was announced Adrian’s red card had been overturned and was playing, well I was not relieved in the slightest. I think Adrian could have and should have saved Ideye’s second goal being the header that Ideye had to generate all the power from and I am sure Jussi would have saved that, as well as the one where he was beaten at his near post for West Brom‘s 4th. You can’t keep blaming tiredness West Ham, because if you do? Then forget about competing for a Europa League place where you would have to play 2 games per week, and Sam‘s decision to play Nolan was crazy, as without Carroll up front Nolan has no one to feed off of, so with Carroll being out for the rest of the season then for God’s sake leave Nolan out as well. Nolan is past it for this league anyway. Nolan should have been replaced at half time at the latest, and also, with West Ham’s first shot on target not happening until half way through the 2nd half when Sakho should have absolutely buried that header in the net then we are like a lame duck without a strike force heading to the end of the season. If that Sakho header had gone in with score still only at 2-0 and making it 2-1 we would have been in with a chance of a comeback. Adrian was exposed far too many times and then came the 3rd that I thought he should have saved while we were trying to bring on Carlton, so by the time he came on at 3-0 down, it was game over. Enner just isn’t cutting the mustard, and there is something not quite right about Sakho now, that only leaves Carlton as our main striker now which is like going back to square one of when we were in the Championship. I feel that with 4 London derbies in a row next up, we will pick up a couple of points and reach the 40 points safety margin, but just 2 pathetic points out of the next 12 is all I can see this lot getting and feebly falling away in free fall towards the bottom half of the table, our season feels finished already. Do you have any more bright ideas Sam and/or the West Ham owners?

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