The two contenders to replace Big Sam at West Ham


At the end of the season Sam Allardyce’s contract expires at West Ham, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he left at the end of the season, but this leaves the question who will replace Big Sam in the Upton Park hot seat? There are a lot of names flying around as to who could possibly take over, but the two I am interested in are Michael Laudrup and Slaven Bilic.

I think it was a harsh decision to sack Laudrup at Swansea because he won them silverware and carried on enforcing the Swansea philosophy of playing nice football. But I think that if Laudrup became West Ham manager and left Qatari side Lekhwiya he would want to enforce his passing style of play, keeping the ball on the floor. This leads me to believe Zarate will get a lot of playing time and Carroll may be sold as he thrives on the high balls in, not short, fast, passing football.

Whilst Bilic is also a very good manager, in midweek, he managed to keep Liverpool at bay with his Besiktas side, only to lose through a penalty which was rather unlucky. At every club Bilic has managed the win rate was above 50% apart from Lokomotiv Moscow, proving that he can grind out a result and win a lot of matches. He also has an emotional attachment to West Ham making it more likely that he will be the successor of Allardyce; he spent the years 1996 and 1997 as a player at West Ham.

I picked out these two managers as I believe they are more likely than any other prospective new manager to succeed Allardyce. I also saw Harry Redknapp being rumoured, I seriously doubt this as he has already managed West Ham and would probably prefer a new challenge after his knee surgery. I do honestly think Sam Allardyce will leave at the end of the season, West Ham need to progress and I don’t think he can offer the skill set required to push us on.

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  • Dylan says:

    I don’t understand the lovein for Bilic. We seem to forget he was very quick to leave us for Everton. It was clear he was a talent and as soon as a so called bigger club came in he wanted off. We have given players with a longer stint at the club plenty of stick for leaving, yet we still seem to love Slaven.

    For me I would much rather see some one with a true football brain, who has managed at a high level within the English league. I would happily take Glenn Hoddle here. We only think of him as a nutter because of his religious beliefs. He has a great knowledge of the game, has the tactic knowledge, likes to play attacking football and develop the youth. For me this makes sense for what want

    • katmad says:

      Neither Bilic or Hoddle are suitable candidates for many reasons but mainly they are not good enough and Bilic will not bond strongly with David Sullivan for the long haul. We need someone like Koeman. Maybe another Dutchman, DeBoer or Rijkard have been mentioned. Poyet is a long shot but possible, also Moyes who seemed to be very friendly with David Sullivan at Upton Park, a few years ago, when Everton played.

      • James says:

        No chance De Boer leaves Ajax. And Rijkaard has had poor managerial experiences at every club except Barca. What we should have done, is got Koeman while he was free last summer. Anyone could see he would be a success.

    • Bubbles says:

      Are you sure BOB. Hoddle is yesterdays man …. and as for loyalty … what about Cottee, Dicks , Green , Ince , Johnston , Lampard etc etc …. why did they leave . Please engage brain before wasting our valuable time . COYI

    • Bubbles says:

      Are you sure BOB ??? Hoddle is yesterdays man… Now lets think … Cottee, Dicks , Lampard , Green , Johnson,Peters ,Demba Ba… Reid…? etc etc. Why did they leave … We get left with Cole and Noble because no top club wants them . It is a football fact of life .

  • Ryan lee says:

    The only contenders for the job and to do it right is Benitez laudrup! Benitez may cost £6m a year but what he can bring is priceless, European football for one would recoup most of the money paid to him. Secondly top players he could bring in also would genotate sales of merchandise. Big Sam was on £3m and he ain’t brought nothing to the table! Laudrup is the cheaper option also young and plays good football on the floor. Any of them two and id be happy 🙂 bilic is to much of a gamble that could well backfire, maybe after a couple more years at club level then he can be considered. Sell Carroll at the end of the season to up our transfer budget to £50m and we can make the next step up.

    • Johnny Mac says:

      After 5 injuries in less than 2 & half years, who in their right minds is gonna buy Carroll now? I previously said we should have sold him in the January transfer window as he’d become fit and had gotten on the score sheet a few times, so he may as well stay now, it’s too late now and we may get some worth back from him in goals later. He signed a 100k p/wk in wages contract for 6 years don’t forget, so we could only pray that someone signs him. As for Sam, look it has always been his and the boards intention for him him to lead West Ham out for the 1st game and season at the new stadium and he has done well with the team this season, all be it without Carroll, which was, as usual, is when West Ham start winning games. This season, for me, the acid test was our game at Anfield, as going into that game, we were 7th & Liverpool were 8th. We absolutely had to have won or at least drawn that game to have kept our 7th position, it was a 6 pointer in which we exchanged positions with Liverpool with, and after losing that game I cannot see us getting 7th position back, let alone 6th, 5th or even a top 4 spot. Lets be realistic, in 3 premier league games since that defeat at Anfield, we have played our guts out to only gain a point per game, but things have gone against us, as yes, we should have beat Man Utd, yes we should have beaten Spurs, and if Adrian hadn’t wrongfully been red carded who knows we may have even gained 3 point at Southampton. I really can’t see us getting Europa qualification, and that won’t be Sam’s fault, he’s 3 years younger than Van Gaaal and up until the 92nd minute had Van Gaal and Man Utd beaten, so why change just for the sake of it? No, let Sam take us to and lead us out at the new stadium, at least give him a season there, and then replace him, so I would not be surprised if the owners give Sam a 2 year contract at the end of the season, and who knows? but if they gave him that 2 years contract now instead of waiting, well the positives of that stability might even get us that European competition we all crave for for next season COYI

  • belhus says:

    It has been muted for a couple of years now that people from the middle east will put in a lot of money if and when Harry is instilled as manager
    A reliable source but things change very quickly in football so who knows.
    I try to give Sam the benefit of the doubt but that substitution on Sunday was so unbelievable I had to laugh
    Collins on move Tomkins in midfield to help Song who is still not fit enough that is why he falters in the last quarter of every match.
    If Nobles display does not show Sam we cant have Nolan along side Song then he should go now

  • mike says:

    please not Laudrup. Being Plaistow born & bread, I have been WHU since the early sixty’s, but I now live quite near to Swansea, and have watched his team at the Liberty play the post boring football I can remember, the complete antitheses of BFS. Possession, sideways and back passing, i think even the fans I sat with were glad to see the back of him. Please don’t get fooled with the highlights on MoD, that even made Tottenham appear good!
    Benitez would be my choice, I believe he is out of contract at the end of the season. He has been a very good premier manager, won both the FA cup & Champions league.
    If Sam is the thirteenth highest paid manager in world football, then I think he would be affordable and I think he still has a house here.

  • jonhammer says:

    I don’t care who the manager is as long as he’s someone who’s hard nosed and takes no crap. Also plays fast attacing
    On the floor football. Off load Nolan & Carroll (have played better witho them).
    Next season is our last at Upton Park

  • Bubbles says:

    Judas cannot come back to the club . He is an alleged crook and his dogs tactics stink …Bilic or Laudrup will do nicely .

  • Johnny Mac says:

    If Sam is to go then you may as well just make it Sherringham as it is attacking minded football this season that has got us the goals that were missing in previous seasons. Yes, if a bit more emphasis had been placed on getting that 3rd goal against Spurs, and also on a 2nd against Man Utd, then we’d be sitting pretty in the Prem right now,we might even have beaten Southampton and have won 4-6 points more that the 3 we have won from 9 for all of the effort we have put in, as when the goals were flying in from the Sahko/Valencia combination, the pressure was off and the whole team were lifted. Its as simple as that, in that scoring goals wins games, and if we had scored at least 6 or more in our last 3 prem games,instead of the 3, then we may have taken 9 points from 9 and still have only been in 6th above Liverpool and Spurs, so yeah, if Sam is to go then sack Sam now and give Teddy a full reign, we can’t be relegated so we’ve nothing to lose, maybe these new fresh young players need a fresh young mind such as Teddy’s to work under, there’s only 12 games to go, I feel Teddy’s input gave us the great start, which fell apart as soon as AC returned, and if Teddy doesn’t do any good between now and the end of season, then forget the rest, Luadrup IS OUR MAN for the new season and Teddy remains as his off-sider

  • gary seaton says:

    Has to be David Moyes for me

  • websurfer says:

    Laudrup for me. Swansea City haven’t played such eye-catching football since he left. Laudrup definitely has an eye for bringing good players in. Michu and Bony e.g. De Boer and Benitez would also be fine candidates, but I love Laudrups football philosophy.

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