What do the West Ham fans really think about this duo?


In a day-and-age when many top flight football teams are owned by seemingly distant oligarchs and oil barons, having truly home-grown owners is a rarity.

Pumping millions into immediate success, tampering with tradition, and offending fans seems par for course at some clubs, where new ownership is driven by business decisions of millionaires with cash to burn.

At West Ham, there is a clear difference in the directing.

After a troubled spell under foreign leadership, the east London side found two men committed to the club and wider community.

In David Gold and David Sullivan, West Ham has two people born and bred in the area, and focused on delivering a better future for a team they care about.

However, a mutual affinity amongst owners and fans towards the club doesn’t always breed popularity.

The pair at the helm of the Hammers have had to win the favour of fans, although they have never said they are acting in a way that should prove popular.

They have always spoken of doing what’s right for the club, and what will help elevate the brand both on and off the pitch.

The appointment of the much-maligned Avram Grant, and the subsequent relegation, left a lot to be desired.

But in being open about their actions and motivations, and often standing by their beliefs (notably the current manager), they have fostered a respect, which has lifted them in the eyes of many.

They recently revisited their ten-point plan, and laid out how they believe the club is progressing. All of which seems positive, and all of which is being reflected in the finances, performances, and results of the club.

And the consensus of Sydney-based supporters is the pair have proved their commitment, and their mandate has proved successful.

As one fan wrote, “we were skint and at deaths door” when they took over. As it stands, the debt, the squad, and the future of the whole club, is in a stronger position.

Sullivan can be outspoken, but his opinions often resonate with the fans’. He may seem a hot head, but he has been the brains behind some of the better transfer dealings in recent times.

Gold is the people person. His enthusiasm, gratitude and clear delight at meeting fans during the tour of New Zealand won huge acclaim.

They recognise each other’s role in the business/marketing operation of the club, and their delivery of key messaging has ensured they are considered truly popular.

There remains a niggling doubt they are waiting for a potential payday down the track, but given the investment they have made in turning West Ham from a Championship club to a Champions League contesting club over five years, few now would resent them turning a profit.

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  • Bubs says:

    I have a lot of respect for the 2 Daves but they need to come to a agreement over BFS
    The fans want Nolan out of the starting line up because of all the right reasons,
    The fans want entertaining football and we have the squad for this but for some unknown reason BFS to do it his way.
    If they want our respect also stop this Fletcher transfer its not good for the club and bad for there pocket.

  • ian says:

    They’ve been great for west ham united,they need to get rid of Allardyce and Nolan at the end of this season though

  • POP says:

    I agree 100% with Bubs above.
    Furthermore we should be making every effort to keep Reid and I still believe Noble is
    not the answer in midfield, as he lacks pace and is constantly bullied by the opposition.

  • George says:

    Sam Out
    Nolan Out
    Noble Out
    4-4-2 diamond
    Carroll as impact sub only (last 30 minutes)
    Sakho and Valencia starting

    • craig b says:

      You ain’t got a clue what your talking about mate your full of s*** what we call a armchair fan, noble out same out? Have you not seen what big man has done?I’m a fan of Sam I got pictures to prove it give him respect he deserves, idiot. Nolan out mayb or a impact sub, clearly your missing Carrolls form, would u rather glen roeder or avram grant? Your not a westham fan.

  • Ahammer says:

    Most negative comments I’ve ever seen… 7th place, scoring goals… Everything is awesome. COYI

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