Is this really West Ham’s worst ever Premier League XI?


Stephen BywaterGK – Stephen Bywater

Thankfully we haven’t had to endure too many dreadful keepers in the Premier League era, but there’s no way that Bywater deserved 59 appearances at the club. I don’t know what it was about Bywater in all honesty, I just never felt comfortable when he was between the sticks – he never looked confident, he never looked in command, and you could always see a mistake coming at any given moment.

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  • The swindon hammer says:

    I would have had chamakh in there

  • Ray Stokes says:

    I would have had Roy Carroll in goal, much worse than Bywater!

  • Adam Waples says:

    Maiga has to be in there surely!!

  • Aussie Peter says:

    Can’t we do something more constructive than this?

  • Michael Henehan says:

    Radoslav Kovac was about ten times worse than Hayden Mullins.. Easily our worst midfielder I’ve seen in the Premier League- couldn’t pass to save his life.

  • Steve B says:

    For worst CB or Centre Half as I prefer to call them for me would have Gary Breen, bought on the strength of a decent World Cup campaign in Japan / South Korea was absolutely awful.

  • Liam says:

    Shocked at no mention for Savio

  • Fish says:

    Gary Breen for Christian all day long

  • MarkAndSparks says:

    Can’t agree with Christian – scored with his bollocks against Ipswich and lost his teeth at Rotherham. And no Repka ? not only terrible , he was there for ages and cost us a fortune.

  • blimey says:

    Christian Dailly ?? You’re high on crack mate!
    given the likes of Pogba, Soma and Gary Breen wore the Claret n Blue, Dailly was a prince amongst these……
    and Hayden Mullins???
    so good he kept Javier Mascherano out the team (and played in Cup Final)….

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