Is this really West Ham’s worst ever Premier League XI?

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22 years since the old First Division became the Premier League, and some of the dross that has been bought by the club still amazes me to this day. Thankfully this season we have seen some shrewd business at the Boleyn Ground, but it certainly hasn’t always been that way – here is my worst West Ham XI from the Premier League era:
Click on Upton Park to reveal the unlucky XI to make my side

Upton Park

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  • The swindon hammer says:

    I would have had chamakh in there

  • Ray Stokes says:

    I would have had Roy Carroll in goal, much worse than Bywater!

  • Adam Waples says:

    Maiga has to be in there surely!!

  • Aussie Peter says:

    Can’t we do something more constructive than this?

  • Michael Henehan says:

    Radoslav Kovac was about ten times worse than Hayden Mullins.. Easily our worst midfielder I’ve seen in the Premier League- couldn’t pass to save his life.

  • Steve B says:

    For worst CB or Centre Half as I prefer to call them for me would have Gary Breen, bought on the strength of a decent World Cup campaign in Japan / South Korea was absolutely awful.

  • Liam says:

    Shocked at no mention for Savio

  • Fish says:

    Gary Breen for Christian all day long

  • MarkAndSparks says:

    Can’t agree with Christian – scored with his bollocks against Ipswich and lost his teeth at Rotherham. And no Repka ? not only terrible , he was there for ages and cost us a fortune.

  • blimey says:

    Christian Dailly ?? You’re high on crack mate!
    given the likes of Pogba, Soma and Gary Breen wore the Claret n Blue, Dailly was a prince amongst these……
    and Hayden Mullins???
    so good he kept Javier Mascherano out the team (and played in Cup Final)….

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