West Ham would do well in not bringing back THIS former Hammer

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Jermain DefoeGraduates of the illustrious West Ham academy are often welcomed back with open arms.

The names of bygone players adorn stands and lounges at the Boleyn, while those from the modern era receive warm applause if they return with a new team.

This fondness for former Hammers is not universal however, and few have irked Irons fans after their departure quite as much as Jermain Defoe.

The striker, now 31, has been linked with a return to West Ham amidst apparent angst with his current club Toronto FC.

There is little doubt Defoe was one of the most natural and clinical finishers to play for the club in the past decade.

But as a 22-year-old, he chose to hand in a transfer request immediately after the club’s relegation at the end of the 2002-2003 season. Despite a subsequent apology, it left a nasty taste.

His move to Tottenham Hotspur did little to appease the masses. He has regularly been the subject of abuse during his matches against his former employers, which has even extended to him being branded “Judas” by some sections.

He has certainly proved to be a top goal scorer at any level, and at his best, he would have been an easy decision to bring him back into the fold.

But given he may be a little past his best, it would be better avoiding another emotionally charged comeback. It would likely be an uncomfortable reunion, and he would have to score the goals quickly to get the haters off his back.

The other aspect is there is a lot of firepower already on the books. There is genuine depth in the striker department for the first time in many seasons, and there were positive signs against Hull that they are settling fast.

Given the history and the current resources, there seems no reason to go back to the old school, and focus should be on giving the latest line-up the education to ensure they become successful alumni of the academy

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  • tiger Tim says:

    Hardly a claimant to our academy. We stole him from charlton along with jimmy hampson. Not sure we are in a great position to get all moral.

  • Spencer says:

    I’d love to see him back, I’ve met Jermaine and he is a really nice guy, who openly admits making a mistake, some fans need to grow up, he was very young, I bet they wouldn’t hold a grudge like this against any other young man in any other circumstances, time to move on,

  • firefighterx says:

    Id have him back.. Forgive and forget especially when you read his appollogy and the reasons he handed it in..Having said that do we really need another forward..I wish the club would sort out our centre half situation IMO thats where we need to spend money now .. Looking forward to saturday COUI

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