West Ham have a decision to make over controversial star

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Ravel Morrison (West Ham)Hands up…did anyone seriously believe that Sir Alex Ferguson would finally give up on an unpolished diamond (that’s football wise, not human being wise) unless he had exhausted every possible avenue, and was convinced in his own mind that the potential benefits were simply not worth the effort, the disruption, and the negative press that stuck to the lad  like you-know-what to a blanket? The fact that Ravel Morrison continues to un-ravel in the most spectacular and cringe making ways should surprise no one.

Our very own plastic gangster saw Fergie off, and as long as he is involved in the beautiful game, will do the same with every manager who tries to tame him; Big Sam Allardyce’s legendary ego wont allow him to play out constant media battles with our Arsenal loving playmaker, and his recent declaration that Morrison didn’t feature in his plans seems to have been based on a knowledge and understanding of the boy’s inner workings that was witnessed at close quarters and in high definition, technicolour and 3-D. For once the portly gum chewer from Dudley seems to have called things correctly, only to be over ruled by his paymasters.

The current unsavoury court case, yet another, and the recent posing in his Ferrari dressed in an Arsenal shirt reveal the inner workings of an immature and confused mind. There is no balance or focus, no understanding of acceptable and responsible behaviour. His is a world of flash, cash and trash. There is a cocky swagger that is designed to both impress and intimidate in equal measure; perhaps understandable given his background, age and new found financial wellbeing, but nonetheless lamentable given his status as a high profile Premier League player where, like it or not, standards of decency and behaviour just have to be as clean as they can be.

The fact that young Morrison has spent more time in the prison exercise yard than on the training pitch just days before the new season opener against Tottenham Hotspur is as damning as its gets. Andy Carroll is injured, Enner Valencia is recovering from the World Cup. Places have become available when against all the odds it looked like his Hammers career (?) was over before it had really started. Would most youngsters with a second chance (we still don’t know how many Alex Ferguson gave him) not be busting a gut to make that elusive first-team squad, to get fit, to train hard and to grab every opportunity with both hands? Yes, most would. But this is a troubled soul who just doesn’t get it. Who hasn’t grasped just how talented he is, how lucky he is, and how delicately balanced his football future is.

Although positive by nature, I genuinely fear for Ravel Morrison and for his future. Given the catalogue of issues that need to be dealt with by West Ham and Allardyce, I suggest further limited and precious time spent on managing and coaxing and pleading with this ticking bomb is hard to justify, and now is the time to cut losses and move on. Time spent keeping tabs on Morrison could be spent encouraging young talent that has a desire to improve and flourish; the Elliot Lees and Dan Potts of this world.

Alex Ferguson rarely made mistakes.and he knew for sure that releasing Ravel Morrison was necessary for both his, and his club’s wellbeing. I fear that West Ham now have a serious decision to make.

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Plaistow born Spencer is a lifelong Hammer and having spent half-a century plus, enduring this lifelong obsession, along with every other West Ham supporter, knows exactly what it takes and what it means to wrap that Claret & Blue scarf round your neck every other Saturday and head off for the Boleyn !

A Chartered Surveyor by profession, Spencer, now 58, has played, coached and managed at semi-pro level within Essex for a number of clubs, and, simply unable to give up playing, currently turns out for the Iron Maiden Over 35’s side when he is not watching the Hammers, playing guitar in his Classic Rock covers band Gunrunner, or more probably, injured yet again!


  • The Cat says:

    No sooner than the manager made his position clear on the player he signed and tried to rescue from almost inevitable self destruction, the chairmen & a large section of supporters just as quickly voiced their mass disapproval. The chairmen went as far as saying by hook or crook, Ravel WAS going to be an integral part of the team this coming season……and just as Quickly Ravel showed us why SAF washed his hands of him and Big Sam made the comments that he did.
    I’ve said time and time again that the “tail” should NEVER wag the dog, and I stand by it!

    The single Biggest thing that is a must have for ALL Professional footballers is…… DISCIPLINE!
    If he gets off this current charge hanging over him, he will need to find Discipline and find it FAST!
    ….and if he can’t, get a few quid for him because he will eventually become corrosive within the club, affecting the club from top to bottom and putting us on the back pages for ALL the wrong reasons.
    Take note chairmen, thats what a manager is paid to do, assess players and make decisions and if you don’t like your manager’s decision making……you get rid of him, simples!

  • Michael says:

    Spot on – I’ve been moaning on another site about Morrison and was told that there may be Mental Health issues which might mitigate his actions somewhat, however my sympathies are definitely with his ‘alleged’ victim.

    I feel he is definitely more trouble tgan he’s worth!

  • peter iron says:

    All Ravel does is cause division and acrimony where there should be harmony and team spirit , talent or not we are better off without him .

  • ian says:

    We should sell him,he is scum

  • Greg says:

    The more I read about this bloke the more I get angry.What sort of signal does he send to young people.Hes only 21,so bloody what.Giggs and Owen ?WHU fans tell him to piss off.

  • Deadhead says:

    Has the ability to be a truly fantastic player.But his ability to keep pressing the self destruct button means I doubt he will archive his full potential which is a crying shame.The main problem is he is making himself unsellable.

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