Twitter reacts to the retiring of Mark Noble’s West Ham shirt number

Image for Twitter reacts to the retiring of Mark Noble’s West Ham shirt number

Mark NobleHow would West Ham fans react to the possibility of retiring Mark Noble’s number? The reason for raising this possibility is partially due to the news that Olympique de Marseille will be retiring Mathieu Valbuena’s shirt number ’28’. Valbuena didn’t come through the ranks at Marseille and isn’t retiring either – he’s been sold to Dynamo Moscow.

So therefore, is it conceivable to West Ham fans that a player who has come through the youth system, and has made more appearances for West Ham than Valbuena ever did for Marseille, could have his number retired at the end of his career?

The initial Twitter reaction to the question “Should Mark Noble have his number retired?” was, albeit, a bit blunt.

Some showed a bit of concern as to why the question was being asked?

Most where in agreement that retiring the shirt number is a bit excessive. But perhaps there is another option, should Noble remain with West Ham for his entire career.

One fan could see a plausible reason how Noble could earn a shirt retirement gesture…

Some questioned, quite simply, why Mark Noble?

So, it was generally agreed that retiring Mark Noble’s shirt number under any circumstances would be a bit of an overreaction. Though should he stay with West Ham throughout his entire career he surely would warrant a testimonial?

What do you think of the possibility? What would it take – something tragic to happen? Something fantastic to happen? Or would you be happy with retiring his shirt number should he remain at West Ham throughout his entire career, something rarely seen in the modern era.

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  • lol says:

    is this a joke? he’s a sh1t player, better off he retires – he is pure muck

  • bob says:

    local boy done good retiring the shirt abit much recognising how important he is to west ham could be done by supporting him rather than slagging him off

  • Tony Hammer says:

    Is this some kind of joke?

  • hug says:

    Comes across as a nice bloke, but at best a very good championship player – never scores, no pace and free kicks are terrible. Says a lot about the state of west ham that he’s held in such high regard.

  • Fortuna says:

    “lol” I suspect you are not a West Ham fan at all.

    “hug” I suspect you rarely or never get the opputunity to watch Noble live. True he is not the fastest and IF you take away his blinding penalty record, he does not score that often. But if you think those two things mean he is a poor player you are very wrong. He has great awarness, his workrate is second to none, I can never recall a moment even in games that had got away from us seeing his head go down. He is also one of our better technical players. He is however, due to the fact he is efficient and keeps thing simple (always best if it works) a player that does not look so good in highlight packages.

    Oh and it’s a no to the shirt retirement, however the final game at the Boleyn after the last league game in 2016 should be a testimonial for him.

    • lol says:

      fortuna, the guy is utter muck, just cos he tries hard and is local doesn’t make him in anyway good, he is not, he is terrible, he is a disaster, he can’t play and shouldn’t play in the Premier League. You need your head examined, you’re a fcuking idiot fortuna, a fcuking muppet fan, get a life, if you think noble is good go watch conference games, there’s loads of players at nobles level down there… jesus, people like u make me sick, u have no standards whatsoever. twat

    • rivieralet says:

      Well said hug …Fortuna has not got a clue .

      • Brian McFlipper says:

        Get a pair of decent glasses mate and actually WATCH Mark Noble. Its you that is clueless. There are few better players at keeping and re-cycling a ball in the Prem…or is that too technically difficult to understand ??? Don’t tell me….Nolan and Diame are better players…..Laughable. Go back to watching Millwall

        • rivieralet says:

          Sorry I must have missed the passing of the law saying I can’t have an opinion . Your arrogance is astounding . You know nothing about football . Noble , as lol says , is MUCK ! Why bring in Diame and Nolan to a conversation about the carthorse . It is of no relevence .

          Noble can not run , make a clean tackle , RUN fast , make a forward pass , read the game , score from open play . Apart from that he is great . You are a dick .

  • Brian says:

    I think we should be talking about Sams retirement first

  • Dave says:

    Good pro, deserves to be recognised as a Hammers legend. Can we please sign Chris Wood to solve our striker dilemma, young with experience and 6 foot 3 inches tall.

  • mick says:

    You seriously have too much time during the day, or a very boring social life to even think about sticking this up on here..

  • b venour says:

    all this talk about noble is distracting from our real problem bfs still here no striker again wont pay 3 million for a proven goal scorer but spent 15 mil on carroll who is no better than crouch we need at least 2 more strikers even then with bfs we will struggle still playing same boring football as last season still not scoring still no sign of attacking football and where is our saviour sheringham?

    • lol says:

      sheringham? you mean the Tottenham Lover and Tottenham Legend? now he was a real player, not like that noble twonk

  • rivieralet says:

    Only if he retires with it . He is shite

  • rivieralet says:

    Bonds , Brooking , Devonshire , Cottee…. LEGENDS..

    Noble should not even be using the same dressing room . He is the reason we have no creativity . He is a cart horse not a legend . Retire the shirt with him in it .

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