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So with just under a week away to the start of the season, the usual West Ham drama has been flying around. Firstly, Andy Carroll gets injured as many first feared. This is not good news for any West Ham fan, but the outlook more positive than last season.

It’s easy to see the unrest among West Ham supporters and pre-season feels like a pretty big build up to it all fizzle out with more injuries, unsigned contracts and two woman possibly being hit. At least we can say its never boring being a Hammer…

So what now? As of writing this we are about to play a pre-season friendly against Sampdoria where the only thing fans seem excited about is the young prospect of Elliot Lee possibly making an appearance after putting in some good displays thus far pre-season. Some feel he is still not ready to make the step-up to the first team, yet after seeing him bang in three goals against Woking the this week Twitter pleaded David Gold and Jack Sullivan to give Lee a chance to prove himself.

It looks like he might well do, but as optimism and reality are currently not seen holding hands at West Ham, he will more than likely only get twenty minutes, or if lucky a full half to show what he can do. I just worry if he get stuck upfront on his own, and keeps getting balls booted over the top he won’t have a chance to shine.

I think Sam Allardyce will be looking for some sort of reaction in the upcoming game, but as all the past games, focusing on fitness will be the main focus to prepare for our game against Spurs. With Enner Valencia not being available it seems until the start of the season I expect to see another struggle, with plenty of defending from the get go.

If we are soundly beaten I expect more pressure to be piled on Allardyce through social media and, as I have expressed on Twitter, feel the board are placing themselves in a win-win situation as we play on through up to Christmas. With many signings apparently having nothing to do with Allardyce, and the public expectation of more attacking football and a top half finish they have set the bar high. If he is sacked, or leaves (which he never would as the missed pay-out would be huge) the board will be able to win back a few fans and start from scratch again.

My personal opinion is Sam Allardyce is a fantastic manager, and I’m not being sarcastic! He always works to his strengths, strong defending and likes a big man up top to take in the ball from the wings. The trouble is we have become bored of 75% of last year’s games where we fell apart. What matters to the club is the score and avoiding relegation. The sad fact is now Allardyce will never get the full West Ham backing, and is pretty much dead in the water. Would anyone be shocked the day they announce his departure from the club? I think not. He needs to pull out a miracle to have any sort of future at the club, but as mentioned before it seems things are slowly starting to be taken away from him.

Here I would go on to say ‘on a brighter note…’ but sadly the antics of Ravel Morrison has everyone spitting feathers and calling for the talented, yet reckless player to be sold. Either he seems to enjoy winding up fans, or just thinks it is all a bit of banter I really don’t see much of a future for him at West Ham. Firstly if it’s decided that he is found guilty of assault against the two woman he is accused of hitting, he needs to go. No one would touch him, so we would end up releasing him. As everyone should be proven innocent until guilty, I hope for his sake he hasn’t just ended his career.

Not only is that enough, but then to post pictures of yourself wearing Arsenal and Chelsea shirts. I have nothing else but to believe he enjoys the attention, now don’t get me wrong if you support another club to the one you play for, fine. Just don’t post pictures of yourself in it on the internet on purpose, show some decorum and respect the fans. Either he has a lot of growing up to do still, or really is just a bad egg who was a waste of money and needs to be as far away from the club as possible. I really hope Morrison is not a complete moron, please prove me wrong.

For now we have to stay united and keep supporting our team, as we always do. It’s not the first time things haven’t been going our way, and sure as hell won’t be the last. Whatever happens no one will ever be bigger than the club, no manager will be bigger than the club so we will just have to sing from the stands as always until we figure out what sort of season we are looking to have.

That’s all for now, keep blowing them bubbles Hammers! #COYI

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  • roger holcombe says:

    Sadly it appears the mixture as before.
    only disagreement with the article is that I believe Morrison is a moron
    and should be got rid of regardless of how.
    If he goes to jail so be it but that must break a contract clause somewhere.

  • Digger says:

    Once upon a time in the west ham.

  • notanyoldiron says:

    Why do you think our song is Bubbles?????

  • Brian McFlipper says:

    “Fantastic manager………” Thanks for the biggest and best laugh Ive had in years. Priceless mate !!!

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