West Ham look to spoil Tottenham’s party


With manager Mauricio Pochettino set for his first Premier League game in charge of Tottenham, West Ham will be looking to make it a disappointing day for the Argentine when they meet in their campaign opener on August 16.

The Hammers should have plenty of confidence going into the game at Upton Park, having been the scourge of their London rivals throughout last season.

Manager Sam Allardyce and his men managed to beat the Lilywhites twice in the Premier League and also secured victory at White Hart Lane in the Carling Cup.

Spurs will have been sick of the sight of the men in claret and blue, who have already brought in the likes of Mauro Zarate, Cheikhou Kouyate, Diego Poyet and Aaron Cresswell this summer and are likely to see some more fresh faces come through the doors at Upton Park before the end of deadline day.

The Hammers have 42 league wins over Spurs compared to Tottenham’s 50 so there is not much really to choose from between the two teams looking at the history books.

Allardyce will undoubtedly be reminding his squad and telling the new faces about their achievements against Spurs, home and away last season.

This looks like it will be a very competitive encounter for a season opener and it’s hard to say who, if anyone, will come away with all three points. The current match odds on Betfair reflect the close nature of this fixture.

Pochettino will be hoping he has done enough over the summer to get his message and style of play across to his players and it might take them some time to get used to the former Southampton boss’s methods.

Allardyce has a largely settled squad and with the odd new player slotting into his starting XI, Big Sam will be confident his side can make it four wins on the bounce against the men from north London.

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  • Marco says:

    I see West Hams obsession with Tottenham is still alive and well, I have had a yearly bet with a West Ham supporting friend for years, only a tenner a year that Spurs would finish higher than West Ham, so far I am up 170 quid and obviously it will continue.

  • Nobby says:

    HaHa, It’s like the spammers cup final every year playing us because they haven’t got anything else to play for accept fight relegation! look at them T-Shirts of the treble they brought out! hilarious! just shows how small West Ham’s mentality is when they have to celebrate beating another team from there own patch and bring out T-Shirts! Is there really people walking around wearing these?remind us where you finished? West Ham are obsessed with us! Tragic!

  • Billy says:

    We finished 29 yes 29 points above them and yet they think they had the better season.
    No wonder the games between us are known as YOUR cup final.
    As Marco said, you are obsessed by us, but you are no more to us than a Fulham or a Crystal Palace.
    Drop the obsession, you are not on our level and never will be..
    And forget about the stadium you are RENTING, that will make no difference to you as a club, apart from the fact that you wont be able to see much, but with your style of football, that’s probably a good thing.

  • Del says:

    Marco – so you’ve been betting him since 1966?

  • Wayne the Hammer says:

    Tottenham fans do make me laugh because they think there some kind of big club or something pmsl. Dont cry when we beat you again 🙂

  • Stoney says:

    Another amusing article by a deluded spammer. A couple of wins for the first time in years and they think they’ve got the sign on us. Every dog has it’s day and the mongrels from dumpton park had a good one last season. Normal service will resume this season and will undoubtedly see wet spam relegated, again, putting them back in the class befitting that little club and their pikey fans. The pikeys can then look forward to playing the likes of Rotherham in their rented athletics stadium. In a couple of years we’ll be stuffing the goons in the world’s most modern state-of-the-art 60,000 seater football stadium. Enjoy your council house spammers. I’ll give you one thing though… You do make me laugh. Ha ha.

  • Billy says:

    I would cry the day you finished higher than us or overtook our trophy tally, but we all know I will not be shedding any tears in any of our lifetimes.

    3 x FA Cups, 2 x League Cups, 1 x UEFA Cup,That’s what we’ve won since your last trophy…
    forget about what else we’ve won before that, this is just SINCE your last one.
    Not to mention our CL season..

    That’s just in case you still think you are on par with us..

    No trophy since 1980… oops silly me, i’m forgetting the biggest day in the clubs history, when they won the 3rd place play off in the lower leagues, says it all really..

  • Deadhead says:

    Taking bets now on how long the Argie is in charge before Levy pulls the chain on him

  • Billy says:

    Irony at it’s best, mocking the sacking of a manager when just about every Spam fan called for the head of Allardyce.
    The difference is, we have the balls to do it but you are such a cheap little club, you’d rather another season of shit boring football than pay him off.
    It wouldn’t matter if Poch stays or goes, we will still finish way above you as usual.
    Your football is so bad you even booed when you won last season, so i’d say whether we keep our manager or sack him is the least of your worries. Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooof.

  • Spurs lol says:

    Erm the Spurs fans coming on here reading a west ham article and feeling the need to comment is just sad and shows they’re obssessed with trying to make us believe they are some big club lol.
    Beating you lot 3 times last season was a good sight because you spent £100m on players vs our peanuts therefore beating you THREE times means we did well and you spent poorly (double win!).
    Plus all that money wasted for the best player you will ever have + 2 managers in a season because you think you’re better than you are has made Spurs a laughing stock to all neutral supporters.
    Lastly do if you think the 3 win T-shirts are anything more than banter and a joke then Spurs fans must be thick, with no sense of himour, oh wait…

  • New stadium lol says:

    When we get new owners with silly money and no debt worries, paying off the Olympic stadium, we will be waving to you from high above.
    Arsenal suffered for years paying off their stadium but they had regular champs league and title wins to help fund players. Spurs are nowhere near these achievements so I expect them to become even more of a laughing stock in the next decade. Worth it though as at the end they’ll still have a (comparatively) smallish stadium in a shat place lol.

  • Billy says:

    I take it you haven’t heard our stadium has been given the go ahead.. And what’s nice about it, it will be ours, it won’t be rented and we wont have to share it for sad little concerts and athletic events. plus we will be able to see the pitch, as it is designed for FOOTBALL and not designed for athletics.
    why you think that moving to a rented stadium will make you as big as us is beyond me.. You will continue to attract players like Roger Johnson no matter where you play.

    1980… thats 34 years and counting. hahaha look at the calibre of clubs that have won trophies since then..

  • gary says:

    No one cares about your stadium Tottenham if I remember rightly (billy) you wanted the move to Olympic stadium you was bidding for it or had you forgot that?? From North London to east London! !! We don’t want you in our territory thank you. West ham till I die..

    • Billy says:

      Well you remember wrongly.. We wanted the land.. we wanted to knock that ridiculous stadium down and build a proper football stadium. Plus if you remember correctly the fans were totally against it.
      Our lovely new stadium, purpose built for football, will begin very soon. We can do what we like to it, we wont have to share it and we will be able to see the pitch without using makeshift seating.
      Happy days..

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