Should West Ham fans be concerned by this outcome?

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Andy Carroll  I knew when I saw the friendlies approaching that inevitably some fans will take the match as serious as a competitive fixture. However, some of the fans being so angry at being 2-0 down in the first pre-season game against Stevenage was excusable. 

I’m fully aware that no friendly is about the result, however, it is rather disappointing to start pre-season on the back foot and to be two goals down to a League Two side who have had as much pre-season preparation as us. 

Many were criticising Big Sam (yes already), although it doesn’t take much. Adrian came under some stick also after having a “shocker”. Proving that even a fan favourite can’t get away with a blunder in a pre-season friendly.

In my opinion nobody deserves criticism this early on but to say I wasn’t disappointed to be behind after hoping for a comfortable win would be lying. Two late goals from Matt Jarvis and Stewart Downing saved anymore criticism from the West Ham “faithful”. 

Everyone will be hoping for a few comfortable victories in the coming matches, but it must be remembered by all, that apart from confidence, a win in a friendly is pretty worthless. Previous pre-seasons show that West Ham’s fortunes don’t necessarily rub off on the competitive season. Under Avram Grant, West Ham went unbeaten throughout pre-season and one of the most dire campaigns in The Hammers’ history was to follow.

By no means was Saturday’s opener a perfect start, but does it really matter? Fitness and match sharpness will certainly improve. The new players integrate better and the team as a whole will build a stronger team cohesion. It mustn’t be forgotten that West Ham were without Mauro Zarate, Andy Carroll, and Carlton Cole. The Hammers also fielded “weakened” sides for both halves suggesting that perhaps little can be taken from this opening friendly in terms of performance and that it was quite literally a “run-a-bout”.  

Although I was disappointed for a short while, I’m certainly taking this match with a pinch of salt. We were all eager to see West Ham play again, but let’s not kid ourselves, there’s work to be done.

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  • The Cat says:

    First kick about of the pre-season, players not wanting to get clogged and miss the start or a big part of the season, new players getting used to each other, two different teams for each half……..Result, No big deal!

    • paz says:

      Hmmm…. not sure I can be so laid back… What would we make of it if Arsenal had this performance with Stevenage……We’ve gotta make other teams respect us..

      • Marky says:

        I’d probably say “oh look, Arsenal got a scrappy draw against Stevenage in their first pre season” then I’d get on with the rest of life.

        First pre season last year…

        West Ham 6 Cork 2

        What a successful season followed!

      • The Cat says:

        How about being a Man City supporter and losing 2 – 0 to Dundee???
        I guess it puts things in perspective, something that many of our supporters need.

  • Dave says:

    Upset by the result, get real.
    They’ve been training for a week, no one wants to get injured, and loads of new players.
    The lower league teams are always trying to get noticed in pre season, none of this matters until the Tot gamee.
    In fact I didn’t even know they were playing until last night.
    Actually can’t even see why I bothered to reply, I must be bored.

  • Pete says:

    Didn’t we win out first pre season 6-2 last year? And what a great season we went on to have…..

    Can’t believe I actually just read this article.

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