Date: 25th July 2014 at 6:13pm
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Andy CarrollWell, it has been a while since I posted anything, back end of last season, when all things West Ham related were fairly gloomy, before another win against Spurs gave us a little pick me up heading into the summer.

So how has the summer treated me?

The World Cup

Now, I must admit I went into this thinking England would do ok, I thought Roy Hodgson picked a fairly good squad from the limited amount of talent available to him.  Well, I was clearly wrong, it was a fairly epic fail, not getting out the group was very disappointing and other than the Italy game were we all saw promising signs, it was the same old England.  The press prior to the tournament decided to focus all the negativity on Wayne Rooney, now I am not his greatest fan, but as per usual the press went way over the top here, shame they could not have a closer look at Steven Gerrard, who was – to put it mildly – useless, however, their continues to be a Liverpool love-in with the press, a hangover from last season.

Things are not going to change anytime soon, the Premier League dictates and until this is addressed the national team will go backwards.

Really enjoyed the rest of the World Cup, put the horror of the dull South Africa one to bed.  My favourite game was the Holland/Spain match, unreal result, never saw that coming.  Germany, deserved winners, easily the best team.

Andy Carroll

I’m glad Andy Carroll did not go, as he will now be fit and raring to go for this season…….ahhhhh! After his latest injury, serious questions needs to be asked with regards lifestyle and the sanction of the transfer.  I want to like the big man, as he certainly has a bit about him and it not a robot like most modern footballers but he is in serious danger of letting us down.

New Kits

Love the home kit, it is the nuts, however, the away one is a travesty!  Honestly it is disgusting, who designed it for feck sake?!  We will have 10 thunderbirds on the pitch when we play in that.


This has been more encouraging this summer after the debacle last year.  Don’t know a lot about the new boys, but they all seem of good age and with something to prove.  Major concern is that we still do not have somebody who can put the ball in the net.

None of the players that have left have really bothered me by leaving other than Jack Collison – his open letter restored a lot of my faith in football.  Such a shame his knee injury would appear to be holding him back, I truly wish him all the best for the future.

The season ahead

I just can’t call it to be honest!  Last summer I optimistically predicted a top 10 finish, conveniently ignoring our obvious flaws, plenty of which still remain.  I don’t see us scoring many goals, we are predicable, away from home we generally do not turn up.  I think we will be ok, given that there is a lot of dross in the Premier league, so let’s call a 13th finish, unlucky for some!

Reckon Chelsea to win it, but Manchester United will be strong this season and they have no Champion league distractions.  Relegation gets harder and harder to call, but I can’t see Burnley doing much, now watch Matt Taylor have a blinder against us and score a trademark free-kick which I believe we only saw once in his time with us?

If we do not start well then the atmosphere at the Bolyen Ground will get nasty, it was getting toxic in the Bobby Moore lower last season and I was not enjoying any aspect of going to West Ham, it has to improve this year, I want to enjoy the games again, some of last season was simply not acceptable.

Other summer moments

Have survived two stag weekends, met Tony Gale and Tony Cottee at a charity event, neither appear to be fans of Allardyce!  Watched the Tour de France on the outskirts of Chelmsford, never thought I would type that, rode my bike a lot, saw the Arctic Monkeys and been enjoying the odd beer or two!

I will check in again once the season is up and running and we have beaten Spurs again……COYI