West Ham midfielder considering summer move

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Joe ColeThe award for the most obvious transfer in the world goes to West Ham’s Joe Cole who is, according to Claret and Hugh, considering a move to the MLS.

Major League Soccer has become something of a ‘retirement home’ for footballers and the one-time Hammers golden boy fits the criteria perfectly.

I know a lot of you will want to see the former Chelsea midfielder stay with us but has he really done enough since his homecoming? And anyway, the lure of a reported $200,000-a-week may prove too tempting!

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  • MLSfan says:

    Get yer facts straight. A retirement league we are not. We have a unique concept over here. We let our youngsters actually play in games. Sometimes besides some veteran players to help them grow. It makes our youngsters better prepared instead of rotting behind foreign players and not being able to get experience at the top level. Joe Cole couldn’t make it with most teams over here. Good enough for West Ham but not good enough for the yanks …

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