FIVE things we learnt about West Ham against Hull City


Big Sam1. It is possible to feel completely empty after a win  – After last night’s game, I didn’t feel the same buzz I normally feel after three points – in fact, I didn’t feel much at all! Looking at Twitter, a lot of fans felt the same. But three points is three points and that’s one step closer to guaranteed Premier League survival.

2. Sam Allardyce sure knows how to wind up our fans! – Cupping your ear Sam, really?! This isn’t a wrestling match! Fans were already angry about the lack of oomph from the team once Hull City were reduced to 10, and this has just riled them up further. I know Sam has said that if the fans boo, it gets to the players, but surely he can see that negative tactics were the reason for the booing in the first place? Personally I have never booed our team and I never would, but I think Allardyce needs to realise why some fans were.

3. We won’t play 4-4-2 even against 10 men – And this is one of the reasons fans we’re so angry. We had the chance to go out and really tire Hull’s reduced team, but instead it was them keeping us on the ropes. In my opinion we should have taken off a midfielder and put on Carlton Cole or moved Kevin Nolan up front with Andy Carroll and played with three in midfield. We just never seemed to really press them and take advantage of our extra player.

4. We do get lucky sometimes – From Mohamed Diame’s handball (still not sure you could call it intentional) to James Chester’s unfortunate own goal, the Gods were certainly smiling on us under the floodlights. Although I would also like to point out, their goal shouldn’t have even been a free kick! Anyway, we certainly rode our luck and got a gritty three points.

5. We’re (probably) safe – three points last night meant that we are now staring safety in the face. There are a few teams worse off than us, and I can’t see us getting dragged into a relegation scuffle at this stage in the season. Now I’ve said that, wait for it all coming down to our final match of the season against Manchester City…

How do you feel after last night’s match? Were fans right to boo? Leave a comment or tweet me at @alwaysintune.

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  • peter iron says:

    We are still in the mire and don’t have too many fixtures left that i would call winnable .Yes it was a poor performance from a team low on confidence .The booing does not help the players , and if you really care about which division we play in next season then try and lift the players and get behind them .It wasn’t that long ago we went down with 42 points .There is plenty of time after the season ends for fans to make their feelings known to the owners .But what if the players start thinking “why should i care about this club if all the fans are going to do is boo ?” It only takes a couple of players to go down that road and we could still go down .Ironically 16 points from our last 9 games is probably our best sequence of the season so far ! We are where we are and we have what we have ,and booing won’t change anything between now and the end of the season except to make things worse .

    • anne says:

      Well said Peter totally agree with you, The fans have yet again got the club talked about in a very negative way. I never Boo the team never would .We got 3 points i really don’t care how we win as long as we do. Hull played really well, it was not all about West Ham it is a game of two teams and they looked better physically and mentally, BUT THEN again they DID NOT HAVE FANs Booing.of course this does not help, it is a very negative attitude.We have 3 games where we have a chance to get some points Lets get behind them AND be realistic we do not stand much of a chance with the other few games we have. COYI’S

  • beckton Geoff says:

    Like you Katherine i never have or never will boo my West ham team as peter says it does not help the players, and yes Wednesday night game was pitiful but i put that down to the manger and his one dimensional style of play .so Let’s get behind our team west ham fans and start chanting ALLARDYCE OUT !!! ALLARDYCE OUT !!! And then and only then will the message get through to the owners and the media that we are pissed off with BFS and not the players so he can not pass the buck .

  • beckton Geoff says:

    Manager even lol.

  • Richard says:

    Most fans booing, I suspect like me DO care how we play. Yes three points is important but the negative and one dimensional way we play opens us up and we so easily have come away with a draw or worse.

    Does anyone else think its odd that our run of wins in Feb excluded Andy Carroll ?? Without him the whole team plays as a team…. On the floor. with him, the teams seems to think the only option is a long high ball then panic if that’s not on.

    For Sam to take umbrage at the fans reaction ignores the fact that it’s his tactics that cause this lack of support.

    This style of play is simply not good enough for our new stadium if the plan is to challenge the top of the table once we’re there.

  • Northern Hammer says:

    Booing is not the way forward – we are WHU – all of us (even BFS)… I watch most games in the stadum and go to support the club/team/players… I just don’t get that as a reaction to our players (and BFS).. Chico Flores… yes… got it, but our team… never…

    I have been to hundreds of away games and never heard that.. not ever.. I have always joked about the fickle nature of the indigenous Cockney with my Southern mates… they all know I ahve a point and last night proved it.

    Did I enjoy the football on offer – no
    Was I frustrated – yes
    Did I want Nolan pushed up to support Carroll – yes
    Was I getting frustrated with back passes and no real attempt to play football – yes
    Did I boo – NO

    Would not, not ever, not for our team… and I have seen some sh*t over the years..

  • JB says:

    Yes, it was a crap performance, but just be happy we’ve taken the 3 points, as we were well overdue for some luck to fall our way for a change. As when we played at the KC last year, remember it was diver Brady who conned the ref into awarding a penalty that never should have been given, and then later a Hull player elbows the ball out for a corner while in his own penalty area, but no, a penalty is not awarded. Those 3 points were vital, just be thankfull we have them and lets move on from here. If I was the manager, like I’d be in Geordie land now, taking the lads on a break & training every day up there, before Monday’s game against Sunderland, getting in some much needed practise & sort everything out there & with a few days away in the area, some obviously have family there they’d like to visit, and being fit, happy & ready for this 1 last win, yes just 1 last win, that is all that is required for our survival, as it will be impossible for all of the teams below us from 18th up to 12th to get past 37 pts, some will, but not all 7 clubs currently below us will. Then with 37 pts secured & with our superior goal difference to most teams below us, then we really should work on making big changes for the coming new season. Let everyone who is travelling to the Stadium of Light refrain from booing our lads. Give them our full support as we have to get just 1 last win before the close of this season to survive. UP THE HAMMERS. COYI

    • JB says:

      Sorry, should have said 9 teams that are below us, just taking it for granted that Fulham, who would need 5 wins from their last 7 games to get past 37 pts (when they’ve only won 7 from their last 31), won’t get them, & Cardiff, who would need 4 wins & 1 draw from their last 7 games to get past 37 pts (when they’ve only won just 6 from their last 31 games), won’t get them either. No it’s the battle to avoid 18th place that is between 8 clubs (that we are top of) that is the focus. Stoke look safe already on 37 pts, and we even have a better goal difference than them. In fact of all the clubs from 8th down to 20th, it is only only Newcastle, Hull & Swansea, who currently only marginally, have better goal differences than us, so look up lads as things could have been a lot worse

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