West Ham missing former Hammer?


Razvan RatRazvan Rat left West Ham United by mutual consent at the end of the January transfer window, but will/have we missed the Romanian left back?

In a short answer – no. I don’t think he ever did enough to cement his place in the side, and he was quite defensively – a shame, being a defender and everything!

For me, Rat was too much of a marauder and not enough of a solid defender. He did look good going forward and had some lovely crosses on him, but this meant that all too often he was left out of position and could not track back fast enough. He also seemed quite clueless when opposition crosses came in, often losing his man extremely easily.

Although he was our number one onesie model and seemed like a really nice guy, I was also annoyed that when things were looking bleak and we had a spell in the relegation zone, he promptly announced that if we did go down he would definitely leave. To me, I would prefer to have players that are focussed on getting the club to a safe position and out of trouble rather than accepting that relegation was an option!

George McCartney has, for me, been a bit of an unsung hero in recent games, and I think that we have been relatively solid at the back for a while now – without Rat. I don’t think we’ll miss him, as we also have Pablo Armero if we do get injuries. What do you think? Were we right to terminate Rat’s contract, or will we miss him? Leave a comment or tweet me at @alwaysintune.

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  • Lewis Donellan says:

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  • The Cat says:

    Spot on Katherine, I couldn’t have put it better myself…… and no I don’t think we’ll miss him much.

  • philtheiron says:

    It’s a bit of a mystery this one. On paper rats had it all, good pedigree, oodles of champs league experience and pace! But in the flesh the only things he seem to prove was he could bomb forward and put a decent cross while being hopelessly out of position, naive, poor in the tackle, was amazed at the prems physicality and lacked the bottle for the fight! In the prem it doesn’t matter your league position you still need to be able to fight and the bottle to be a success. It is because of this new found bottle and the desire to put your body on the line(and our injuries clearing up), that we are now climbing up the table! With the squad we have got we should have never been where we have been this season!

  • ClaretandBlueArmy says:

    Must admit I was never convinced by Roland in the handful of games I saw him play. Should we not have learned our lesson from before – we all know that Romanian footballers would rather go shopping in Harvey Nic’s than face a relegation scrap with the Hammers…….and yes Florin Raducioiu, I’m talking to you !!!!!

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