The biggest problem in football

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Andy Carroll sending offIn 2012, my home team, Perth Glory, had a dream run that took them to the grand final in the Hyundai A-League. Given very little chance we held a 1-1 draw going into the dying seconds of the game. Until this happened…

[youtube eIRua_oVDPI]

A Brisbane Roar player took a dive in the penalty box and got a penalty. He completely missed the ball and fell over; the referee gave a penalty because the defenders were doing their job of putting pressure on the striker.

The reaction was one of outrage that something could still be allowed in this day and age. With all the video technology that is available why couldn’t someone point out that the referee had got it wrong? The result still stands and the striker gets a Frank Lampard style reception when he comes to Perth.

Chico Flores is now in the same category. His squirming is like a little kid that didn’t get his way, his acting may look genuine at the time, but it’s rubbish on the replay. When you can clearly see that he is hit in the top of the head by accident, Flores then clutches his face and acts like he has punched him in the mouth. This incident reminded me of the Rivaldo incident at the 2002 World Cup.

A few months ago I wrote a article about the need for a better system with red card’s and penalties. This is the reason why we need a better system because I am sure that had Howard Webb seen the replay that he would have only given a yellow or nothing at all.

Flores is a known diver, he cries and moans anytime he gets hit. He needs to realise that football is a tough game, go cop a wet ball in the face or someone sliding into your ankle. I am sure he has felt it all before but you have to take it and man-up, staging is the biggest issue facing our game. That’s why it should be Flores with the red card not Carroll.

Think of it, we’re all sick of players falling over whenever a player comes close to them. The only way to stop this is to use the replay to suspend players who stage. Every supporter of every team hates it when an opposition player falls over to win a penalty. So lets stamp it out by sending the players who simulate into the stands.

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  • unimportant says:

    A 3 match ban for scuffing a pony tail,players will learn to keep it cool and then injure opponents like flores at the next chance they get and claim it was an accident-the FA are as thick as FIFA.As for webb,he should be relagated to reffing table football.No doubt the world cup in brazil will produce more of the same cheating and ref incompetance.

  • Danielson says:

    This is what happens when your national league is flooded with imports. Historically they cannot take the rough and tumble of english football. That is in no way a racist or prejudiced comment, its just fact we are naturally more boisterous when we play.

  • Mozza says:

    Yeah. What football needs is less Chico Floreses and Luis Suarezes and more Kevin Muscats, Lee Cattermoles and Karl Henrys. The very suggestion that diving is ‘the biggest problem in football’ is insulting and ignorant. Chico. Flores’ behaviour was disgraceful but get a grip. This happens every other game and Flores’ action should not be deemed any worse just because Howard Webb fell for it

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