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Chico Flores Andy CarrollWest Ham took further legal action against Andy Carroll’s ban, in the hope that the influential striker will be available against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Although the appeal wasn’t successful, I would just like to express how unjust it is that Chico Flores has got away with clear cheating without any punishment himself.

Whilst I can understand why Howard Webb did decide to show Carroll a red card – his decision no doubt influenced by Flores’ face grabbing – I cannot understand why, after reviewing the challenge, no action has been taken against Chico. The flailing arm of Carroll clearly brushed against his hair, but he went down as if he had been shot!

Surely we should be trying to make a stand against cheating as well as poor challenges? Even now-ex Swansea manager Michael Laudrup said he was not convinced it should have been a sending off, and David Moyes has also recently spoken out against prolific divers in his team. Come on, even Hammers hater Neil Warnock has spoken in our defence!

For me, it’s just as important to stamp cheating out of the game, and Chico Flores should also have received a ban for his role in the sending off. With him tweeting about the incident as well, he was clearly trying to incense Hammers fans. He said that fans should ‘be more preoccupied with the ugly way their team play football: always making very long passes and never quick short passing’, as well as laughing about the fact that Swansea are currently 2 points above us in the league.

In my opinion, all players who cheat in a game should face bans – it would soon stamp it out of football and make games a lot more enjoyable to watch. What do you think – should cheaters face retrospective action for their roles in matches? Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me at @alwaysintune.

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  • unimportant says:

    I love the FAs new slogan-cheating rules ok-football fans should arrange an oscar type awards to footballs best actors at the end of the season.I would love to see fans holding up number cards to rate the dive or non foul out of ten.

  • anne says:

    Totally agree the FA have sent out a clear message that cheating pays on and off the pitch. There is no way that Webb could not see that he was wrong (A yellow maybe) BUT we know that he and the FA were only concerned in saving Webb blushes as he has been chosen for the World Cup. WELL he will experience loads of cheating over there…Lets see how he handle them. Will be very interesting. As for Cheatoooo he should have got the same punishment. He is laughing at us. I truly believe nothing is honest in football any more, too much money involved and too much influence from having it. I have not trusted Referees for some time now and this situation as endorsed these thoughts. In most walks of life where there is money there are always people befitting

  • Dave says:

    Sorry to say but in my opinion football has had its day, to many corrupt people running and making vast amounts of money off the backs of decent football loving fans. Enough is enough.

  • fred says:

    Webb would of done himself a favour & admitted he made a mistake. We all know these decisions are made on the spot & without the aid of tv. Surely a top flight ref can admit hes wrong, its human error, its goin to happen. But to still say he made the right decision has nade him a laughing stock & as for the F.A. They should help him out, not agree & make both parties involved look stupid. But how many ‘officials’ have viewed that footage, seen what chico did & not punished him? Its getting stupid, ruining the game & could cost teams their place in leagues. GET A GRIP F.A. ITS GOT STOP!!!!!!

  • Spyinthesky says:

    Till all clubsand others take a united stand the FA as usual will turn a blind eye and I can’t see that happening. To any sane person it is a glaring fail in our game but in reality the FA are no better than FiFA/UEFA in seeing the blindingly obvious, or more realistically wanting to take on the challenge of doing the moral and right thing. In that regard they are taking the same stand as the Catholic Church and others in deciding to deny something exists until dragged head first into the reality of the evil they are condoning by their silence and shamed into confronting it. I mean when Warnock has clearer vision than the FA things must be hitting the depths.

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