What are the options for West Ham and Ravel Morrison?

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Ravel Morrison

With the football transfer circus in full swing there are billion rumours floating about. One of which is Ravel Morrison could be leaving West Ham and moving to Fulham. Will it happen? I have no idea but here is a few scenarios of how we could benefit from this transfer.

1. Ravel stays and signs a new contract after the season has ended.

A good scenario would be to have Ravel stay, many people will want this option as we hold onto our best asset as a player. Ravel wants more money, and you would be hard to find a West Ham fan that thinks he doesn’t deserve a new contract. He would be very helpful in keeping us up and become a top player as we move to the Olympic Stadium.

2. We let his contract run down and he leaves as a free agent.

While it keeps him at the club longer, it’s best to let someone leave if they want to. Robert Lewandowski will move to Bayern Munich for free in the summer and Borussia Dortmand will get nothing for him. Had they sold him before they could have got a large sum and bought another striker that stayed at the club for the next few years. The same principle applies here if we get a large fee for Morrison we can use that money for other players.

While I would love to still see him play for another season, this would be a bad idea for both player and club. What’s the point in having someone who doesn’t want to be there, they distract you from your goals and bring the dressing room down.

3. Sell him now and use the money for other players.

My personal philosophy is every player is for sale, for the right price. Should Manchester City or someone come along with a offer north of £15 million, and he wants to leave, we should sell him. £15 million can buy one or two quality players. We still have weak spots in the team and we could buy a better left or right back and another striker for that money.

However the big question is are you selling too cheap, and are you selling at the right time. I think it’s too early to sell him and we should hold into him for another 18 months before letting him go. He can play week in week out here, while should he move to Manchester City he won’t be playing as much.

The other question is who do you buy? While I don’t know who is on Big Sam’s radar, I am sure they aren’t as good and as promising as Ravel Morrison.

4. Sell him on the condition he gets a loan till the end of the season.

Should City or another wealthy club want Ravel, he will not be in the first team week in week out. But he will with us, so the club could loan him back to us so he gets some more experience, essentially a long-term investment for the club that buys him. This is a win-win scenario for all parties and the one I would hope we choose should he go to City or United. We need Ravel till the end of the season, he is crucial to us staying up.

Finally I would like to make a personal note and observation. I bought a Ravel shirt earlier this year, I hope I don’t have to leave it with my Ba and Tevez shirts in my clothes draw, past favourites that are no longer with the club.

And a personal observation, the picture that Ravel posted on Instagram of him on the pitch at Upton Park is a clear sign he wants to stay. Ask your self why else would he post it? Perhaps he is trying to get his contract extended and get a pay rise in January instead at the end of the season. Either way I would love for him to stay and become a legend at West Ham.

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