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Johnny HeitingaAn Australian Prime Minister named Ben Chifley once said: “common sense is the rarest commodity on earth.” This rare commodity must be harnessed now as we look to the transfer window. Now what is a smart move? And what is a stupid move? that’s the question that I will explore.

It would be utterly ridiculous if we sold Ravel Morrison. If he has an issue it needs to be sorted out and fast. He is a fantastic midfielder and our brightest young star; we cannot sell him, it would be stupid to let him go. Unless we got £30 million for him we should tell any club to forget it.

We are getting carried away in thinking that all will be good when Andy Carroll comes back. I hope he comes back and smashes the goals in left, right and centre. However that may not happen, he could get injured or take some time to get back in his stride.

Blind Freddy knows we need another centre back with Winston Reid, James Tomkins and James Collins all out we need some defensive options. I  was disappointed to hear that Johnny Heitinga will not be coming, however this could be just a plea for more money. There are other centre backs that are looking for a loan, especially in a World Cup year, so we can still get a January ‘gem’.

It was the right move by Sam Allardyce to prioritise the Premier League over the FA Cup. We suffered an absolute hammering against Nottingham Forrest, but it was a team of teenagers. I don’t blame Sam for the mauling we took. I say he blooded some youngsters who deserved a crack. And with the FA Cup now over we can focus on staying up.

We have to stick together, I can remember walking out of Upton Park after we lost to Tottenham Hotspur 4-3 in 2007. Ten points from safety we were down and out. However a man named Carlos Tevez had other ideas and so became known as the great escape. The point is we have done it before we can do it again. Never quit never give in, Ever. Back your team and go to the games and cheer for West Ham.

The silly season has begun, let’s hope we get some good players and stay in the league.

Come on you Irons!

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  • beckton Geoff says:

    Morrison had a good opportunity to show what he can do in the FA cup tie did he , did the f**k after the second goal he lost interest he just wanted to showboat .

  • JB says:

    As I said in a previous article. West Ham’s owners need more financial backing. They can’t continue to go it almost alone. OK they have Alpari & Addidas but they obviously need more. You know that if it wasn’t for Arsenal receiving all of the financial backing they received in the 1930s & before, then they would never have got anywhere in football. I think at one stage in the 1930s, 7 of England’s national squad were Arsenal players, but it all comes down to money, money, money! West Ham need some more financial backers and to treat the game for what it is. It is big bussiness. West Ham are a great prospect for any prospective investors because for amongst other reasons they have won the right to move into the Olympic stadium, which I was originally against, but it seems it is unavoidable, so OK, the owners should go with the flow and try and get investors. The 2 Davids own 86.2% of West Ham’s shares. They may need to sell some. They may need to try and win better sponsorship deals, but whatever they do, this game needs money. Maybe there aren’t any investors out there? Maybe nobody has any money, I don’t know, but if the quantity of potential investor’s money supply has dried up, then it is not just West Ham who are in trouble, but a whole host of other clubs including West ham could be wound up. People remind us that the 2 Davids saved West Ham from a Pompey scenario 2. Well maybe it would have been better if that had happened and West ham started all over again. I don’t know, but for whatever the 2 Davids did we are gratefull, but they need extra financial backing. They can’t do it alone. West Ham are moving to almost the inner City, to a stadium that later, could accommodate more than Man Utd’s stadium, and are a great future investment. What is the matter with all the people who are investors out there? If West Ham get relegated, then that investment opportunity is lost. West Ham need investment. They need to sign at least half a squad, so that they can win games & stay in the Prem before moving into the Olympic Stadium. West Ham shouldn’t be slumming it like this. Do not let your bussiness rivals stifle any more deals. West Ham should be celebrating bigger & better things to come. Lets start celebrating tonight & 21st January when hopefully West Ham after a long long time between drinks can win a return to Wembley. Too much time has gone by in fact, since we were last at Wembley. City were there just only last year. It’s our turn at last. For heavens sake, West Ham are on the cusp of great things. Fans get behind your team. Investors, realize what a great opportunity for investment West Ham are, AND LETS ALL CELEBRATE TOGETHER!!!

    • Adam says:

      We was at Wembley two years ago!?

      • JB says:

        Yes Adam, but I wouldn’t call the play off final a major honour, sure you get a nice little tophy. Geez do I have to spell it out. Even in the 2006 FA Cup we were at Cardiff, no it’s been over 30 years since we have been at Wembley challeging for a major honour. I don’t care what anyone says but anything below the League Cup, like the Charity Shield is not a major honour. In my mind the only thing that makes the League Cup worth bothering with is that winning it gives a team a chance at the Europa League!

  • Danielson says:

    Who would invest in a drastically failing business though? If we go down the investment value decreases. The only way anyone would majorly invest in a failing business would be with a view to taking over and rebuilding. I dont think the 2 Daves would allow a takeover or even give a big enough % to have any influence so in business sense it has loads of potential but is still a non runner.

    lets hope we land our january targets, score a few, scrape through relegation and rebuild from next season.


    • JB says:

      All of the successful bussiness people you meet are happy smiling people. I have to give that to the 2 Davids & Ms Brady that they are trying to be that way. I wasn’t too impressed that at this stage we are not getting ownership of the Olympic Stadium, and that we have to sell our Boleyn ground as part of just a tenancy deal with the Stadium, but we have to think that maybe that deal can be changed to ownership down the track. With that in mind, then West ham are most definitely not a failing bussines. The current climate is tough. Bussineses are failing all over the world. Including places like Australia where it has always been strong but even they are doing tough at present. Most people around the world just have thoughts of putting food on the table, so we should consider ourselves lucky that there is a little bit left over for football, and that the owners have pulled a master stroke by getting West Ham closer to the City, the inner City Airport & much better accessibilty transport wise than Upton Park, which is a traffic congestion nightmare on match days. You may be right about the 2 Davids not wanting to sell shares. If that is the case then they need to attract better sponsorship deals which they really need as soon as possible, as I don’t want the gut wrenching feeling of having to struggle out of the Championship ever again. We have 2 goalkeeprs, 8 defenders, 10 midfielders & only 4 strikers of whom only 2 are fit enough to play, so why on earth is Sam trying to sign more Defenders???. We need strikers & we need them to score goals & win matches, and we want possesion football.
      This how I would play Lge Cup semis v Man City play
      3-5-2 formation please Sam.
      Jääskeläinen, McCartney, Demel, Johnson, Jarvis, Morrison, Diame, Downing, J. Cole, Maiga, C. Cole
      Subs; Adrián, Rat, Potts, O’Brien, Collison, Taylor, Diarra

      Let’s get to Wembley, C’mon you Irons!!!

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