Two transfer rumours but who should Big Sam go for?


Ross McCormackThere is a question I want to ask all West Ham fans. Lets assume you’re the manager and you have two deals on the table, both are affordable and both are keen to come. One is Leeds United’s Ross McCormack and the other is Southampton’s Dani Osvaldo.

Ross has been on fire in the Championship, scoring in 65% of games he has played, he has created 56 chances and achieved three assists. He leads the goal scoring in the second-tier of English football and is a hard fighting battler of a player. With 17 goals in 26 games he knows where the goal is.

However it is the Championship and there is a big gap between that level and the level required for the Premier League.

Or would you go with Osvaldo? He has played all over Europe for some big clubs. Has hit a bagful of goals at most clubs, but struggled at Southampton. He is no angel but if his heading into goal ability is as good as his head butting ability, we could be the team for him. He has lots of experience and is a performer at most clubs he has gone to.

The question is whom would you go for? Write a comment below.

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  • Hammer time says:

    McCormack every day.
    Can’t see it happening though, we already have to lose 4 players from the original 25 man squad.
    Who’s the 5th?

  • Billy says:

    Desparate for us to sign McCormack, £5m is a very good price for him and he would be a perfect strike partner for Andy Carroll; their style of play will complement each other very well and we’d see a ton of goals.
    Sam would obviously rather loan somebody who has scored once this season and hasn’t played for 6 weeks…
    Can’t see either happening now SkySports reported he won’t be doing more business. Shame as McCormack would have been fantastic.

  • Neil says:

    There was talk of us getting McCormack I the summer when he was out of contract and at the time I thought would have been a bargain but like west ham decide against it and now have to pay around 5mil. It does not make sence to me. However if we can spend 5 mil on maiga it does sound like a bargain.

  • Sam says:

    Jesus H Christ, Westham are a club in desperation. You spend spend spend on actual crap. You’ve no game plan and you manager is dreadful. Please please please take Osvaldo off our hands, he’s completely useless and would fit right in with your lot. When was the last time you actually nutured your own talent? Westham use to have a fine production line and played decent football. You must be gutted.

    • Chuckenrun432 says:

      Fuck off you Southampton twat, West Ham will have more history than you will ever have … Your bubble is about to burst mate, then it back to the Champonship where a shitty little club like yours belongs !

  • the swindon hammer says:

    its a no brainer isn’t it really? McCormack every day of the wk but not b4 we offload maiga mcartney diame taylor or even joe cole ship out 2 or 3 of these and make some space then and only then pay 5m+ for McCormack oh and sam we will see how useless we are when you come to our place pal!

  • marcus says:

    Wont get either, championship football soon. Sam is worse then useless, only desperate players that aren’t playing MAY sign, but only cause its a woidcup yr. The Italians are only here for that. Otherwise they would have told Sam to do one.

  • Neil says:

    Sam this is Are you an undercover west ham supporter. What if oscaldo goes to west ham and bangs in the goals. As a fan you would want him to go abroad no place in this country for the violence that took place in your training ground.

  • Charles Ramdoyal says:

    Big Sam should go for both – McCormack & Dani Osvaldo…Go Sam Go

  • Charles Ramdoyal says:

    Let Ravel Morrisson, Collison, Joe & Carlton Cole, go, they are no good.

  • mark says:

    Definitely McCormack all the way we need another good striker to help us stay up

  • gary r says:

    Mccormack is fine in the championship but is he the man to keep west ham up? I think not, should never have bought Carroll as could have bought 3 good player’s for that fee!

  • Harry C says:

    Personally I would purchase McCormack he is the man for the moment in scoring goals and a man for the future. He can feed of Andy Carroll. He I believe would be a good buy for the team

  • Tom E says:

    Get Ross. How many goals did our leading goal scorer get when we were in the Championship League? I don’t think anywhere near 17 goals at this stage of the season. Come to think of it, have we ever had a 17 goal scorer at West Ham in the last 10 years?

  • Deano says:

    McCormack, irrelevant question though, we won’t get either. Gonna gamble on Carroll not getting injured again. If Sam thinks that 2 ageing Italians who will be gone come end of May are gonna change are whole season around then he’s wrong. Hopefully Carroll and Reid can. If we don’t pull away in February then we are going down cause our run in is to tough.

  • Dave says:

    Maybe we should give a free to Karen Brady on £1.6m a year, we could then get another good player in on loan deal and help keep us up.
    I’m not sure any CEO is worth that.

  • Tony Quinn says:

    I think west ham should go for saints striker or Leeds striker what ever one can get west ham to avoid the drop zone I’m happy that west ham got 2 new players in the transfer window they will help west ham a lot pitty they are only lone players

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