Key Hammer linked with move away


Mohamed DiameMohamed Diamé came to West Ham on a free transfer in 2012. Last season he was brilliant, he was a tough holding midfielder who would go on runs until his lungs exploded and had an air of excitement when he touched the ball. In the last January transfer window he was linked with a move to Arsenal, it was a ongoing soap opera, but nothing happened in the end.

This season is a little different, Diamé has continued to play well in the midfield but hasn’t quite hit the same heights as last year. Our friends at have the stats so we can get a good analysis of his game. He has had more shots on goal than any other player in the team with 42, although he has only scored 2. Diamé remains our top tackler in the team with 24. Squawka has him rated as our 7th best player in the team, which surprised me I thought he would be higher.

Diamé’s value is estimated at about €7-8 million. Which I think is fair, the fact he apparently has a £3.5 million release clause is a worry for us and we should look at getting this clause removed. A simple chat between manager and player can go a long way, especially considering he is a required player.

Unfortunately there is a lot of rumour’s and speculation in football, and very few facts. We live in an age where agents are like gangsters and are trying to get players to move so they can get a fee. Agents always speak to the media in an attempt to get a transfer. Whenever you hear about “a source close to the player” it’s 99% an agent wanting a transfer. Diamé is apparently unsettled, whether this is true or not no one knows except for him.

I honestly hope he stays, we need him in this dogfight were in and if Sam can talk to the player and get him to stay we stand a much better chance of staying up. Selling him would be crazy for £3.5 million, I know we won’t have a choice but we do have a choice of offering him a new contract and raising his buy out clause.

Come on you Irons!

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  • razor says:

    Agree with that statement he does well till the last third and doesn’t think enough on his next step to take which usually results in losing the ball cheaply. Doesn’t help when you have players of poor class around you who earn more than you and contribute nothing like maiga Nolan so I expect his looking at moving on away from the clown we have as a coach.

  • Spence55 says:

    Very average this season to the point of deserving to be left out as Allardyce has, rightly done. Im surprised he is as high as 7th ! The real top players don’t lose possession as much, can at least hit the target more times than not, and dont run out of steam every game round the hour mark. Lest be honest, a typical Diame game will see two or three powerful, surging runs, a couple of wayward shots, a few dribbles where possession is lost, sometimes in dangerous areas, and thats often it. He is a shadow of the beast we had last year, and I am sure his head was turned with the interest from other clubs, if indeed that was more than Agents spin, as you say. He really needs to get his backside in gear and do more for us.

  • JB says:

    Yeah Mo’s heart doesn’t seem to be in it this season, which is a shame because we’ve all seen how brilliant he can play. If he has an issue with Sam & doesn’t like the way Sam is playing him then it’s best he move on. Still, things could change & he & the club work things out. I hope so, but if not, then he’s no good to us if he can’t get motivated because he can’t get things his own way. Mo’s situation also seems to be a similar one to what Ravel is having. Players have to remember, it’s the team that is always the most important & not an individual player’s needs.

  • realist says:

    If its true, which it probably isn’t. Get a decent manager who plays decent football, you may see more good players wanting to join our club than leave. To be honest its probably greedy git agent stirring the transfer bullsiht yet again. Yawn.

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