It’s either sink or swim time for West Ham

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James Tomkins against Swansea CityFebruary is going to be the month which defines West Ham’s season, a quick glance at the fixture list makes it easy to see why; three home games against Norwich City, Southampton and Swansea City and just a solitary away outing to Aston Villa.

February’s run of fixtures is the opportunity that one suspects Sam Allardyce has been waiting for; the horrendous injury situation which has blighted our season thus far is finally clearing up; with only Winston Reid and Ricardo Vaz Te to return. Next month will also give Sam the opportunity to throw in new signings in the hope they can make a massive impact on a batch of very winnable games.

February’s return is going to be pivotal to how the rest of our season pans out; if we cannot secure a minimum of nine points it’s difficult to see where the points are going to come from. Our end to the season is truly horrific; with four of our last six games against Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

There can be no more excuses, we’re walking a tight rope, we cannot afford to drop points in anymore must win games. Our January additions could prove crucial to our survival bid; our current squad have shown they’re not good enough by only winning a pathetic four out of 22 games. They need some help, they need some experience and they most definitely need some quality and that’s what they’re going to get with Antonio Nocerino and Marco Borriello. Our season almost rests with what kind of impact they and any other new signings can make between now and the season’s end.

In the disaster that was the Avram Grant relegation season back in 2011 David’s Gold and Sullivan flashed the cash in a desperate bid to escape the drop; back then it was Demba Ba, Robbie Keane and Wayne Bridge who were recruited in the January window of that season and despite some impressive performances and wins it ultimately didn’t work. Fast forward three years and we find ourselves in the exact same situation; this time it simply has to work; relegation would be an even bigger disaster now than it was then with the move to the Olympic Stadium looming ever so tantalisingly over the horizon.

Next month it’s either sink or swim for West Ham United.

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  • marcus says:

    Take a miracle to survive. More than half the season had gone, looking at championship football next year. If we did manage to stay up by some miracle, bfs and the chuckle brothers need to go. Football is a business and they are only looking for a big invested. They acknowledge and be truthful they ain’t up to the job. And admit west ham is a commodity they want to sell along with the os.

  • sibbo says:

    yes they have got to go

  • Billie boy says:

    If the Witchfinder General was still around I’d be on the blower 3 to go BFS & Pinky & Perky. Your right Marcus not enough games left to put it right. Pinky & Perky are already talking about a buyer coming in Please, Please,Please someone who cares about the club. Let’s face it they don’t want to spend anything serious, so only one result. Shame we deserve better than this COYI

  • Dave says:

    Heard it all before.
    Our season starts in September, our season starts in November, our season starts jan, our season isn’t going to start!
    Amazing we Are signing players, what happened to financial fair play hmmm, maybe this doesn’t count anymore, unless Morrison and diameter are on their way??

  • gazza says:

    if we have any chance what so ever of staying up we defo need mccormack, hes a proven goalscorer along side carroll we should have enough to stay up, lets up our defence holds up to, come on you irons

    • the swindon hammer says:

      well said gazza we need McCormack yes its a gambl but if we carry on like we are we are dead ducks with reid virtually back to line up with Collins we have a chance if we sign ross goals are what we need!

  • JB says:

    Kwame, you are stating the obvious, but let’s not put too much pressure on the lads eh?
    I reckon we’ll stay up. What will be will be eh? Besides our support base is too big for our club to be & stay in the Championship, as if ever we go down we always come up again. WH are the only club in the eastern half of the capitol who have & continue to achieve anything

  • JB says:

    Look, ffs, we are only 1 point off of the safety mark, and who is that team that sits above us & 4th from bottom? Fulham, that’s who. A team that couldn’t even beat a Div 1 team who were down to 10 men for almost half the game yesterday, so let’s not get too carried away eh? As I reckon Fulham, Cardiff, Crystal Palace & maybe, with Laudupp rumoured to be wanting to move on, maybe even Swansea are in a worse state than us. Believe me, a lot of changing around in positions will be going on in the bottom 6 places between now & the end of the season!

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