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This is what West Ham have to do

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LiverpoolThere wasn’t too much to like about the game against Crystal Palace.

No one likes being beaten by a side at the bottom of the Premier League table, let alone when it should have been a draw. But that was the last game; the players must focus on this game against Liverpool.

We haven’t won a game at Anfield sine Bobby Moore was playing for the Hammers. We also have lost our best player, Ravel Morrison to suspension. Luis Suarez also scored four goals in the week and Liverpool are looking good to return to the Champions League. So on paper this is a Liverpool win.

But the game isn’t played on paper and if West Ham are to win or draw, this is what we need to do:

Defence to remain tight

So far we have conceded 15 goals, which is less than Liverpool but we have lost our best defender in Winston Reid. If we have any hope of getting anything from this game the defence must be tight. Almost the same defence was able to hold Liverpool to a 0-0 draw earlier in the year, so it can be done.

Chin up if we concede

If we concede a goal, chin up and do something about it. There is no point crying over spilt milk, go clean it up. Big Sam will tell them the same, be proactive and if we do concede, the game isn’t over it’s only just begun.

Stewart Downing

Some Liverpool supporters feel he was a terrible player and a waste of money. Downing has a point to prove to them and to himself. Downing has been in good form the last few games and will cause some real headaches with his delivery into the box. Liverpool are seriously vulnerable with crosses into the box and there is no one better to deliver the ball into the box than Downing.

Play with a striker

As I previously mentioned, Liverpool are vulnerable from crosses. It makes no sense to not have a target for Downing and Matt Jarvis to deliver to. Sam is well aware that 4-6-0 didn’t work so I am sure he will have a striker.

Take your chances

There will only be a few chances in this game, so we must take them. When the opportunity rises, people must take their chance. It what separates good players from ordinary ones, and will be the difference between a win and a loss.

While I never want a team to play for a draw, I think it’s our best option and one point is better than none.

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  • Badger Brock says:

    Bribe the ref………… lol……..only chance 🙁

  • the swindon hammer says:

    how much longer do we have to listen to we were unlucky the ref was rubbish we were the better side shut the fuck up allardyce and do the decent thing and quit before its too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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