The curious case of Matt Jarvis

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Matt JarvisI’ll start with White Hart Lane.

Fantastic result; you’d be a very hard man to please if our result, but moreover, our performance against Tottenham Hotspur failed to impress. West Ham United had it spot on. Defensively brilliant; James Tomkins showed the ability that he had pre-Olympics. Guy Demel and Razvan Rat needed, and used, every ounce of experience and guile that their careers had brought to them to deliver strong performances. Winston Reid is becoming one of the best West Ham United centre backs since Rio Ferdinand. In midfield, Mohamed Diame, Mark Noble, Kevin Nolan, Stewart Downing and Ricardo Vaz Te were superb. Who would have thought that Vaz Te could be a hero in claret & blue again? Nevertheless, the star of the show, Ravel Morrison played brilliantly. Not only his goal, but also all round game play was startling.

Despite that, the most credit has to go to ‘Allardici’. His tactics were spot on. West Ham United adopting a formation made famous by one of the greatest sides in international football, and executing it to perfection. ‘Nevermind, Big Sam Allardyce will be back to lumping the ball long to his injury prone gangly centre forward, who only scored seven times last season, when he returns from injury next month.’ These murmurings are becoming quieter and quieter and though Allardyce usually does his ‘Allardici’ gag, this time it’s no joke.

However, I want to look at a point that has been raised by some concerned about Matt Jarvis. Recently, his performances have suffered from the lack of Andy Carroll. The distinct lack of the ‘Gateshead Hammer’ has led to the lack of productive from Jarvis. Despite the fact that he has already doubled his amount of assists from last year, he found himself out of the historic side that beat Spurs on Sunday. Has he been doing enough to justify his place in the starting line up?

Matt Jarvis has caused torrid problems for numerous Premier League defences. His pace and dribbling have been highly effective in crossing balls into the box that have lingered for attacking heads. This season he has set up goals for Joe Cole and Ravel Morrison, yet he lost his place on Sunday. This was mainly for two reasons. One, the shape that Allardyce was playing didn’t compliment the position of Jarvis, especially with Downing in the side. The other is that his performances this season haven’t been what Sam Allardyce has wanted and this has meant that on one flank of the pitch, we have been less than effective.

However, should we question any underlying problems about his transfer fee and performances last season? In my view, this isn’t a real issue for us to be questioning. Matt Jarvis, despite his shortcomings this year, was brilliant last year and installed himself as a fixed place in the team. His deft touches and quick movement in and around the box has been a feature of the side that has become highly destructive down the left wing. His transfer fee, in my opinion is irrelevant. For a period of time he was our most expensive signing. Did we overpay for Jarvis; more than likely, but was it money well spent, absolutely. Jarvis is one of the finest wingers we have had at Upton Park for some time, his final ball is usually very consistent. The fact that he is underperforming just goes to show how good he was last year.

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  • Tony Hammer says:

    Matt Jarvis will come good. Like you alluded to in the article, his crosses have been mostly wasted this season as the players on the end of them are inept in the air. Maiga in particular

    Maybe this “kick up the arse” will spur him on to be even better. He will be invaluable when AC is back – particularly at home

  • davspurs says:

    What you should be asking why you was in the bottom three and one game does not make a good team Spurs where ripe for beating after there Russian long cold trip. West Ham played what i call pressing football that got Wigan Relegated doing to much chasing causes illness and burn out i wait to see if i am right about energy boosting rife in the prem.

    • Simon says:

      Thats total shit ur taking y bother u ob don’t know wot ur taking about nob

    • The Cat says:

      I guess the match proved beyond doubt that Both teams are in false positions.

      You don’t hear manure or chelski talking about long cold trips to Russia or wherever as genuine title contenders understand all about the pressures of top level football and are able to perform.

    • aladici says:

      Sore loser

    • Scott says:

      Great comment, really well spelt and easy to read. Please continue to contribute.

    • rivieralet says:

      you obviously missed the match having your special needs class for reading and writing … loser

    • NI Hammer says:

      Hi Davspurs

      Firstly, we were in the bottom three due to results. it is a results business unfortunately but it does not reflect how we have played this term! I totally disagree with your comment that “spurs were ripe for beating”. Yes, the squad had a long trip but the team was totally changed from those individuals playing on Sunday. Spurs fans were jumping up and down before the game commenting on how good the squad was and the bench was simply breath taking but the fact of the matter is, you did not take your chances when they were there and were justifiably put to the sword by a well drilled and organised WHU team. This has been coming for a while and fortunately it came against one our biggest rivals. COYI

  • The Cat says:

    Over the course of a season players ebb in and out of form, it’s only natural.
    The point to note is that he didn’t have to come on because there is competition for places.
    Next time he gets his chance, I think we will all see a BIG difference.

  • Spence55 says:

    No concerns AT ALL about Matt Jarvis. Wingers have specific jobs in a side; to provide the ammunition, from wide areas, for forwards to attack and score. They need to get a steady stream of ball into the danger areas and it is then down to the forward (singular in our case, though at Spurs, no true forwards were on show…hence Matt missing out) to attack the ball/space and hit the net. Jarvis is one of the best in the game for making a foot or yard and whipping the ball in. He can go left and right and he does what hes paid to do…deliver the ammo. and deliver it quickly. Any forward will tell you that wingers shaping to cross, cutting back, shaping again, delaying and fannying around are their biggest nightmare !! Once the run is made, they want the ball delivered there and then.

    It is not his ( the wingers) fault if a stream of crosses (as delivered week in week out) go unfinished chaps; its for the boss to get the right players in the side to feed off the supply (plentiful in Matts case) and boost the “goals for” column,

    Jarvis was certainly bought in to feed big Andy; they are a match made in heaven. He wasn’t bought in to try and find a limited, static makeweight (I actually feel sorry for Maiga as he just isn’t at the races) who isn’t smart of quick witted enough to find room in a crowded box.

    Just imaging the end result with Jarvis and Downing whipping balls in from both sides to TWO (yes folks, its a bizarre notion I realise, but what about having two finishers in the box looking to score ???) strikers ?

    Its goals we badly need. To this end do we persist with long 50 yard balls from our own 18 yard box from Mr Collins, Reid and Tompkins to a lone forward with his back to goal, surrounded by three defenders…..or quality balls from the final third whipped in across the box for two strikers playing in tandem with midfield back up on the edge of the box. As they say its a no-brainer, and for the latter to work, old style wingers like Matt “Top of the Stats. for the last three seasons regarding balls played into the box” Jarvis will be key to our success.

  • punkrockhammer says:

    Jarvis is shit. Can’t cross and never whips in an early ball, always a Noblesque floated cross that’s easy as fuck to defend. No coincidence that we ripped Tottenham apart without him and Maiga playing

  • sam says:

    Your small circular pop up with the watch advertised is really annoying and distracting…Does not encourage pleasant reading…..COYI.

  • Old Jack says:

    Matt Jarvis, is a fine Winger, and will prove it if, I repeat if he is given the chance to be. Sometimes it seems, he has not been given the Ball enough, from Midfield. Demand the Ball more and be a little Selfish with it , and I am confident you can be a Match Winner!

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