Did West Ham miss James Collins?

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James Collins BournemouthI wrote an article a few weeks ago, expressing my concerns around playing James Collins in the West Ham United defence. However, it was the match against Manchester City on Saturday where we could have done with him being fit and ready to play!

Winston Reid probably had his worse game since he made his debut in a 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa under Avram Grant. Reid can be excused this bad performance, bearing in mind how many games he has kept us in in the last 2 and a bit seasons. I would put Reid’s poor performance down to the fact he was on international duty with New Zealand, and only got back to the UK on Thursday, meaning he only had Friday to get over his jet lag and travelling.

James Tomkins had also suffered an injury during the build up to Saturday, breaking his nose, and no doubt that injury would have played on Tomkins mind. It was an ideal opportunity for Reid or Tomkins to make way for Collins, however, he also suffered an injury in the midweek with the Wales national team.

To be honest, I’m not sure Collins would have made much difference to the result and score, as Sergio Aguero and David Silva were in sublime form. But Collins could have given Reid a well earned break from first team duties, and the performance of the two centre backs makes us all realise that 3 centre backs are not enough for the squad, and maybe an extra body would have been useful.

For me, Tomkins and Reid are my preferred partnership, when fully fit. James Collins is a more than capable back up to them, and I think this is how Collins will be used by Sam Allardyce in future.


By Chelmo Hammer

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  • @pktroll says:

    I take your point about Reid last Saturday but overall I think that WHU do need Tomkins to step up and be the full time centre half. Last year Collins was the leader who held the defence together, indeed think of the debacles at Sunderland and Arsenal last January. What both games had in common was that Collins was missing. Perhaps the two young centre halves still needed the guidance of the experienced man. However the extra pace of Reid and the composure of Tomkins has the potential to kick on a gear and as everyone knows, a large number of the long balls forward come from Collins.

  • Davidz says:

    Back to this business of Collins hitting too many long balls. Collins is the best long ball hitter in our defence, so when Sam wants the ball hit long Collins obeys team orders and hits it. If you don’t like the tactic blame the man standing on the sideline giving orders, not Collins.

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