Date: 3rd September 2013 at 2:12am
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Carlton ColeAt the time of writing this, the transfer window has not yet closed – but the hopes and dreams of the Upton Park faithful that we’ll sign another are fading fast (and I’m not staying up past my bed time just to be depressed.) We’re watching deal after deal fall through – assumedly for financial reasons – and there is one big free-agenty-thing sticking in the back of supporter’s minds.

We could re-sign Carlton Cole.

When he in May, having turned down a new contract (this has been confirmed by David Gold on Twitter) it was a bittersweet goodbye. He was good for us over the years, although I fall short of using the term ‘prolific.’ He felt he was worth more money and could do better elsewhere – we felt we were better than Carlton’s wage demands and could get a better from elsewhere – so it was a strange scenario (albeit one that at the time seemed mutually beneficial.) Fast forward to September 2nd, and as it turns out that neither nor Carlton have actually done any “better.”

We have made some good signings over the summer – but we’ve been left with a £15million injury, an overly talented midfield who did nothing against Stoke City, one who’d rather leave thank you very much, and another striker who isn’t bad per se, but just does not fit into a lone striker scenario.

Take the above, combined with the fact that Cole is a free who would not command an excessively high wage after being unsigned all summer, and, well… would you take Carlton back? And if we did re-sign Cole, who is coming crawling back to who? Do we need him more than he needs us?

We’ve somehow fallen out of the frying pan and straight into the burning depths of hell when it comes to strikers, and waltzed into the football equivalent of a break up where both parties are sure they can pull someone better, and after one too many dark lonely nights of sobbing over Marley and Me, decide to get back together after all.

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that something good clicks into place, and Demba Ba realises Big Sam is his soul mate, but in the likely event that he doesn’t, I’m hoping and Carlton can come to another mutually beneficial agreement regarding his wages, and that West Ham and Cole can come crawling back to each other before we throw away any more points.

Yeah- I can’t believe I just said that, either.