So, was West Ham’s Ricardo Vaz Te tapped up?

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Ricardo Vaz Te Cheltenham TownRicardo Vaz Te released a personal statement to reveal he had handed in a transfer request at West Ham. He revealed how frustrated he had become at West Ham, and it has led to him wanting to force his way out via a formal request.

Sam Allardyce was questioned on Ricardo’s request. He accepted that no unhappy player should ever be forced to stay at any club, and that if the right amount is offered that Vaz will certainly be on his way out of the club this transfer window.

However, he also suggested that to have the confidence this late in the transfer window to request a transfer, there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Big Sam put to the press “Generally when you make something like that they’ve been tapped. Someone would’ve probably already contacted him. I am expecting a bid for him in the next couple of days because you don’t do that sort of thing this late in the transfer window without having somebody spoken to you.”

With reported interest from fellow Premier League sides Cardiff City and Crystal Palace with Ian Holloway declaring his desperation for a player who will “pick the ball up and run with it” Something which Ricardo is known for (if he can be bothered).

Big Sam also suggests that Ricardo could be in a sticky position if he doesn’t get the move, which he has apparently been offered via tapping up. He didn’t however rule out Vaz Te playing for West Ham again should he not secure a move, claiming “nothing is beyond repair with me”.

From all this it is suggestible that Ricardo is perhaps forcing his way out of the club and that doesn’t imply that he is ever willing to fight for a place in the side in which he isn’t going to be in favour ahead of Stewart Downing and Matt Jarvis, let alone the likes of Joe Cole and Ravel Morrison.

It is however a shame that he hasn’t been given a chance to play up top during these opening two games of the Premier League season. In his statement he spoke of his desire to play as a striker and he certainly possesses on paper the ability to cause problems.

I would have liked to have seen him make an appearance off the bench replacing Modibo Maiga but it seems this relationship between Sam and Ricardo is coming to an end.

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  • Johnsey says:

    Who cares???

    Get rid of him.

    Buy/loan 2 quality strikers NOW, or we are well and truly F**@$d

  • says:

    The other comment on here sums it up to perfection!!!!!

  • Cranham Hammer says:

    I thought it was reported over a week ago that Vaz Te, Matt Taylor and another – was it Collison had been told they could go, and a circular had been issued to see if there was any interest ?

  • Arun says:

    Johnsey and
    Where do you suggest we get the wage funds from??
    We have the transfer budget so buying is not a problem but we’ve maxed out our £52 m wage budget for the year
    And selling vaz te isn’t going to make enough room for TWO new players!

    Think things through.

    • Johnsey says:

      We could just ignore the FFP rules that don’t come into effect for another THREE transfer windows, like Spurs, Sunderland and many more have.

      But let’s just assume that you’re right and Sullivan isn’t just using this as an excuse, It’s already been stated that WHU have “discovered” an extra £2.5m for wages, add on to that the wages of Diarra, who now he is out for the season is covered by insurance, then add clearing out VazTe and Taylor and Maiga,
      Now how much “thinking through” does it take?

  • Stevo says:

    He isn’t necessarily a bad player, he just isn’t Premier League standard. Or just not to the standard we need when we’re aspiring for top half positions. With Diarra out and a lack of quality fullbacks, we need to focus on getting Carroll back to fitness and signing a worth while defensive midfielder or LB/RB. This should be possible with funds if Taylor and Vaz leave today or tomorrow.

  • Joe Misquita says:

    i think vaz te is great player and really deserved to play atleast for 15 min two matches he is good he brought us up in the prem i dont know y they get treated badly

  • Joe Misquita says:

    he is good he brought us up in the prem i dont know y they get treated badly

  • Irons fan says:

    I personally would have played him as a striker in place of maiga however with rumours circulating in press for weeks that four fringe players would be sold to free up wages for new striker and with Vaz te being one of the names continually mentioned as being one of those on the way out then probably no surprise the player is feeling frustrated. His right wing slot taken by downing. No place in midfield and striker slot taken by maiga he was never going to get a shot. Considering big Sam rescued his career taking him from Barnsley the written transfer request is no way to repay though is it. I can believe he has been tapped up by crystal palace because holloway was Blackpool manager beaten by Vaz te goal in play off final

  • wolfie says:

    Interesting point Johnsey I thought the FFP rules were already in place.As we are so desperate for a decent goalscorer we should defy the guidelines until the next window then clear a few out and adjust wage bill for next season.

    • Johnsey says:

      Exactly Wolfie, the “cut off” for FFP is February 2015, and even that is shrouded in controversy.
      There are some extremely clever legal minds who doubt whether the rules could be implemented anyway.
      WHU are the ONLY club that these new rules are concerning, have Sunderland have bought 11 players, and are still looking for more, Spurs have bought 7 players to replace Bale.
      It smacks of yet more spin from our owners.

  • sibbo says:

    rules don’t come in till 2015 players don’t wnt to come and play for sam they know he is one dimension,th 16 million we paid for carrol could have bought us 2 decent strikers but sam don’t know how to play with 2 strikers he his tacticly nieve.

  • Andrew says:

    West ham tapped up vaz te from Barnsley any way

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