Is this really our future manager?

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Paolo Di CanioAfter just 13 games as a Premier League manager, Paolo Di Canio has been sacked by Sunderland.

The feisty Italian took over the ‘Black Cats’ last season but after numerous off field problems with players and fans, the Sunderland board has finally had enough!

Di Canio’s time with Sunderland was mainly dominated by controversy but I was hoping he would do well because, before he took over at Sunderland, I expected him to one-day return to Upton Park as West Ham manager.

His passionate approach worked at lower league level and as a player, it was enjoyable to watch but after witnessing the scenes on Saturday after the West Brom 3-0 Sunderland game I lost some respect for the man. I think its safe to assume that many of us expected Paolo to take over at West Ham at some point in the future but the question has to be asked, will he ever be ready?

I was reading an article in the paper and he compared himself to the ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho. A comparison I totally disagree with, Jose has won numerous trophies with his clubs and many will say that he has a right to be a bit smug but with Di Canio it came across as too predictable and desperate.

Upon hearing the news of Di Canio’s sacking I wasn’t surprised, from the start many was questioning his attitude and mentality at the top level and it would appear that they were spot on. I’m not saying that Paolo will never make it at the top level but my desire for him to become West Ham manager has well and truly gone.

I feel that Paolo Di Canio becoming manager of West Ham in the near or distant future would completely tarnish his reputation with our club and he would go from once hero to zero. I would much prefer to take just as much of a gamble on ex West Ham legend and Braintree Town manager Alan Devonshire before Paolo is ever considered.

Has your opinion of Di Canio changed after his time with Sunderland?

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  • Doc says:

    Man management is key to getting the bet out of employees in any walk of life, and Paolo just does not get that. Yes he has passion, yes he has desire, yes he has belief but if you don’t have the ability to transfer that to your employees, it means nothing. A great player for us, yes, a future manager, I don’t think so.

  • safc1879 says:

    Not sure where you get your info about numerous incidents with fans because its total b*****ks the fans were behind him to the end

  • robbieg says:

    Well this Sunderland fan was certainly not behind him to the end. The man is a complete and utter madman and I am delighted he was removed from my club before he could inflict even more damage.When he demands that a senior player allegedly solved the problem of his new-born baby crying through the night and his wife not coping particularly well by demanding he moves into a hotel to relieve the strain then you know the man is somewhat detached from reality.

  • Jake says:

    Paolo was a great player but looks to be out of his depth in management.

    I also wonder what Paolo the manager would have made of Paolo the player! i can well remember the times when he got mysterious injuries – usually when we were playing away from home in mid-week – usually somewhere up north!

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